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Councillors:57 6 1 0 0 0 0 6 0

Lincolnshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Colin Matthews (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyAlford and Sutton06-05-2021
Ian Gordon Fleetwood (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBardney and Cherry Willingham06-05-2021
Mrs Marianne Jane Overton MBE (email)Lincolnshire Independents Lincolnshire FirstBassingham and Welbourn06-05-2021
Edmund Walter Strengiel (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBirchwood06-05-2021
Paul Anthony Skinner (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBoston Coastal06-05-2021
Aaron Jacob Spencer (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBoston North06-05-2021
Michael Brookes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBoston Rural06-05-2021
Mrs Alison Mary Austin (email)IndependentBoston South06-05-2021
Mrs Paula Cooper (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBoston West06-05-2021
Kevin John Clarke (email)Labour PartyBoultham06-05-2021
Mrs Susan Woolley (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBourne North and Morton06-05-2021
Robert Philip Harry Reid (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBourne South and Thurlby06-05-2021
Robert Bernard Parker (email)Labour PartyCarholme06-05-2021
Bob Adams (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyColsterworth Rural06-05-2021
Nigel Harry Pepper (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCrowland06-05-2021
Barry Martin Dobson (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDeepings East06-05-2021
Rosemary Helen Trollope-Bellew (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDeepings West and Rural06-05-2021
Rodney Grocock (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDonington Rural06-05-2021
Dr Michael Ernest Thompson (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyEagle and Hykeham West06-05-2021
Christopher Edward Reid (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyErmine and Cathedral06-05-2021
Martin John Hill OBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyFolkingham Rural06-05-2021
Matthew David Boles (email)Liberal DemocratsGainsborough Hill06-05-2021
Richard David Butroid (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGainsborough Rural South06-05-2021
Paul Michael Key (email)IndependentGainsborough Trent06-05-2021
Mark Anthony Whittington (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGrantham Barrowby06-05-2021
Linda Wootten (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGrantham East06-05-2021
Ray Wootten (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGrantham North06-05-2021
Adam Neil Stokes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGrantham South06-05-2021
Richard Graham Davies (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGrantham West06-05-2021
Matthew Thomas Fido (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHartsholme06-05-2021
Barry Young (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHeckington06-05-2021
Charles Nicholas Worth (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHolbeach06-05-2021
Peter Ephraim Coupland (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHolbeach Rural06-05-2021
William James Aron (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHorncastle and The Keals06-05-2021
Alexander Paul Maughan (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHough06-05-2021
Stephen Peter Roe (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHykeham Forum06-05-2021
Colin John Davie (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyIngoldmells Rural06-05-2021
Tony Bridges (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyLouth North06-05-2021
Sarah Rosemary Parkin (email)Labour PartyLouth South06-05-2021
Charles Edward Hugo Marfleet (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyLouth Wolds06-05-2021
Graham Edward Cullen (email)Labour PartyMablethorpe06-05-2021
Charles Lewis Strange (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMarket Rasen Wolds06-05-2021
Robert Jozef Kendrick (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMetheringham Rural06-05-2021
Mrs Jacqueline Brockway (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyNettleham and Saxilby06-05-2021
Anthony Herbert Turner MBE JP (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyNorth Wolds06-05-2021
Mrs Julie Elizabeth Killey (email)Labour PartyPark06-05-2021
Clive Ronald Oxby (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyPotterhanworth and Coleby06-05-2021
Mark John Storer (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyRuskington06-05-2021
Daniel McNally (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySaltfleet and the Cotes06-05-2021
Clio Lyndon Perraton-Williams (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyScotter Rural06-05-2021
Carl Stuart Macey (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySkegness North06-05-2021
Stephen Russell Kirk (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySkegness South06-05-2021
Martin Alexander Griggs (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySkirbeck06-05-2021
Mrs Kathryn Cook (email)IndependentSleaford06-05-2021
Andrew Gibson Hagues (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySleaford Rural06-05-2021
Edward John Poll (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySpalding East06-05-2021
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Sneath (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySpalding Elloe06-05-2021
Mrs Christine Jane Lawton (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySpalding South06-05-2021
Mrs Angela Mary Newton (email)IndependentSpalding West06-05-2021
Robin Anthony Renshaw (email)Labour PartySt Giles06-05-2021
Robert Lloyd Foulkes (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyStamford East06-05-2021
David Brailsford (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyStamford West06-05-2021
Hilton Spratt (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySwallow Beck and Witham06-05-2021
Thomas Robert Ashton (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTattershall Castle06-05-2021
Christopher James Thomas Harrison Brewis (email)IndependentThe Suttons06-05-2021
Mrs Christine Anne Talbot (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWaddington and Hykeham East06-05-2021
Mrs Wendy Bowkett (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWainfleet06-05-2021
Lindsey Ann Cawrey (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWashingborough06-05-2021
Mrs Susan Rawlins (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWelton Rural06-05-2021
Mrs Patricia Anne Bradwell OBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWoodhall Spa and Wragby06-05-2021