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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON
Current ControlCON


Councillors:33 2 1 0 2 0 0 0 0

Havant Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Pam CrellinConservative and UnionistBarncroft05-05-2022
Yvonne WeeksConservative and UnionistBarncroft02-05-2024
Malc CarpenterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Battins02-05-2024
Jo LoweLiberal DemocratsBattins05-05-2022
Mark InksterConservative and UnionistBedhampton04-05-2023
Gary RobinsonConservative and UnionistBedhampton05-05-2022
Kenneth SmithConservative and UnionistBedhampton02-05-2024
Alex RennieConservative and UnionistBondfields05-05-2022
Terry HartLabour PartyBondfields02-05-2024
Narinder BainsConservative and UnionistCowplain04-05-2023
Anthony BriggsConservative and UnionistCowplain05-05-2022
David KeastConservative and UnionistCowplain02-05-2024
Richard KennettConservative and UnionistEmsworth05-05-2022
Julie Thain-SmithConservative and UnionistEmsworth04-05-2023
Lulu BowermanConservative and UnionistEmsworth02-05-2024
Prad BainsConservative and UnionistHart Plain05-05-2022
David JennerConservative and UnionistHart Plain04-05-2023
Elaine ShimbartConservative and UnionistHart Plain02-05-2024
Rosy RainesConservative and UnionistHayling East05-05-2022
Leah TurnerConservative and UnionistHayling East02-05-2024
Michael WilsonConservative and UnionistHayling East04-05-2023
Joanne ThomasConservative and UnionistHayling West02-05-2024
Clare SatchwellConservative and UnionistHayling West04-05-2023
Isobel ScottConservative and UnionistHayling West05-05-2022
Caren HowardConservative and UnionistPurbrook02-05-2024
Gary HughesConservative and UnionistPurbrook04-05-2023
Husky PatelConservative and UnionistPurbrook05-05-2022
Jackie BransonConservative and UnionistSt Faith's05-05-2022
Tim PikeConservative and UnionistSt Faith's04-05-2023
David GuestConservative and UnionistSt Faith's02-05-2024
Dianne LloydConservative and UnionistStakes02-05-2024
Sarah MilneConservative and UnionistStakes05-05-2022
Diana PatrickConservative and UnionistStakes04-05-2023
Beryl FrancisLabour PartyWarren Park05-05-2022
John DavisUK Independence Party (UKIP)Warren Park02-05-2024
Gwen RobinsonConservative and UnionistWaterloo04-05-2023
Peter WadeConservative and UnionistWaterloo02-05-2024
Mike ScealConservative and UnionistWaterloo05-05-2022