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Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000090
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB/LD/GRN



Havant Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Pam CrellinConservative and UnionistBarncroft2026
Yvonne WeeksConservative and UnionistBarncroft2024
Tom MoutrayIndependent / OtherBattins2024
Kristine TindallConservative and UnionistBattins2026
Mark InksterConservative and UnionistBedhampton2023
Liz FairhurstConservative and UnionistBedhampton2026
David GuestConservative and UnionistBedhampton2024
Alex RennieConservative and UnionistBondfields2026
Richard StoneConservative and UnionistBondfields2024
Narinder BainsConservative and UnionistCowplain2023
Neil BowdellConservative and UnionistCowplain2026
David KeastConservative and UnionistCowplain2024
Richard KennettConservative and UnionistEmsworth2026
Julie Thain-SmithConservative and UnionistEmsworth2023
Lulu BowermanConservative and UnionistEmsworth2024
Carly ScannellConservative and UnionistHart Plain2026
David JennerConservative and UnionistHart Plain2023
Elaine ShimbartConservative and UnionistHart Plain2024
Rosy RainesConservative and UnionistHayling East2026
Leah TurnerConservative and UnionistHayling East2024
Michael WilsonConservative and UnionistHayling East2023
Brenda LingerConservative and UnionistHayling West2024
Clare SatchwellConservative and UnionistHayling West2023
Julie RichardsonConservative and UnionistHayling West2026
Caren DiamondConservative and UnionistPurbrook2024
Gary HughesConservative and UnionistPurbrook2023
Husky PatelConservative and UnionistPurbrook2026
Philip MundayLabour PartySt Faith's2026
Tim PikeConservative and UnionistSt Faith's2023
Imogen PayterConservative and UnionistSt Faith's2024
Elizabeth LloydConservative and UnionistStakes2024
Sarah MilneConservative and UnionistStakes2026
Diana PatrickConservative and UnionistStakes2023
Amy RedsullLabour PartyWarren Park2026
Tony DentonConservative and UnionistWarren Park2024
Gwen RobinsonConservative and UnionistWaterloo2023
Peter WadeConservative and UnionistWaterloo2024
Mike ScealConservative and UnionistWaterloo2026

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