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Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:32 30 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Barnet Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Lisa RutterConservative and Unionist PartyBrunswick Park05-05-2022
Kathy LevineLabour PartyBrunswick Park05-05-2022
Andreas IoannidisLabour PartyBrunswick Park05-05-2022
Charlie O-MacauleyLabour PartyBurnt Oak05-05-2022
Ammar NaqviLabour PartyBurnt Oak05-05-2022
Claire FarrierLabour PartyBurnt Oak05-05-2022
Shimon Ryde BScConservative and Unionist PartyChilds Hill05-05-2022
Peter ZinkinConservative and Unionist PartyChilds Hill05-05-2022
Jack CohenLiberal DemocratsChilds Hill05-05-2022
Zakia ZubairiLabour PartyColindale05-05-2022
Gill SargeantLabour PartyColindale05-05-2022
Nagus NarenthiraLabour PartyColindale05-05-2022
Pauline Coakley WebbLabour PartyCoppetts05-05-2022
Reema PatelLabour PartyCoppetts05-05-2022
Barry RawlingsLabour PartyCoppetts05-05-2022
Laurie WilliamsLabour PartyEast Barnet05-05-2022
Philip CohenLabour PartyEast Barnet05-05-2022
Rebecca ButlerLabour PartyEast Barnet05-05-2022
Arjun MittraLabour PartyEast Finchley05-05-2022
Alon Or-bachLabour PartyEast Finchley05-05-2022
Alison MooreLabour PartyEast Finchley05-05-2022
Brian Gordon LLBConservative and Unionist PartyEdgware05-05-2022
Helena HartConservative and Unionist PartyEdgware05-05-2022
Joan Scannell BEMConservative and Unionist PartyEdgware05-05-2022
Daniel Thomas BAConservative and Unionist PartyFinchley Church End05-05-2022
Graham OldConservative and Unionist PartyFinchley Church End05-05-2022
Eva GreenspanConservative and Unionist PartyFinchley Church End05-05-2022
John Marshall MAConservative and Unionist PartyGarden Suburb05-05-2022
Gabriel RozenbergConservative and Unionist PartyGarden Suburb05-05-2022
Rohit GroverConservative and Unionist PartyGarden Suburb05-05-2022
Melvin Cohen LLBConservative and Unionist PartyGolders Green05-05-2022
Dean Cohen BScConservative and Unionist PartyGolders Green05-05-2022
Reuben ThompstoneConservative and Unionist PartyGolders Green05-05-2022
Hugh RaynerConservative and Unionist PartyHale05-05-2022
Tom DaveyConservative and Unionist PartyHale05-05-2022
Kitty LyonsLabour PartyHale05-05-2022
Mark ShooterConservative and Unionist PartyHendon05-05-2022
Anthony Finn BSc FCAConservative and Unionist PartyHendon05-05-2022
Maureen BraunConservative and Unionist PartyHendon05-05-2022
Bridget PerryConservative and Unionist PartyHigh Barnet05-05-2022
David LongstaffConservative and Unionist PartyHigh Barnet05-05-2022
Wendy PrenticeConservative and Unionist PartyHigh Barnet05-05-2022
Val DuschinskyConservative and Unionist PartyMill Hill05-05-2022
Sury Khatri BSc MScConservative and Unionist PartyMill Hill05-05-2022
John Hart BA MAConservative and Unionist PartyMill Hill05-05-2022
Brian SalingerConservative and Unionist PartyOakleigh05-05-2022
Sachin RajputConservative and Unionist PartyOakleigh05-05-2022
Stephen Sowerby MAConservative and Unionist PartyOakleigh05-05-2022
Alison CorneliusConservative and Unionist PartyTotteridge05-05-2022
Caroline StockConservative and Unionist PartyTotteridge05-05-2022
Richard CorneliusConservative and Unionist PartyTotteridge05-05-2022
Paul EdwardsLabour PartyUnderhill05-05-2022
Jess BrayneLabour PartyUnderhill05-05-2022
Tim RobertsLabour PartyUnderhill05-05-2022
Jim TierneyLabour PartyWest Finchley05-05-2022
Kath McGuirkLabour PartyWest Finchley05-05-2022
Ross HoustonLabour PartyWest Finchley05-05-2022
Agnes SlocombeLabour PartyWest Hendon05-05-2022
Adam LanglebenLabour PartyWest Hendon05-05-2022
Dr Devra KayLabour PartyWest Hendon05-05-2022
Geof CookeLabour PartyWoodhouse05-05-2022
Alan SchneidermanLabour PartyWoodhouse05-05-2022
Anne HuttonLabour PartyWoodhouse05-05-2022