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Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:0 49 8 0 0 0 0 0 0

Haringey Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
James PattersonLabour PartyAlexandra05-05-2022
Liz McShaneLabour PartyAlexandra05-05-2022
David BeachamLiberal DemocratsAlexandra05-05-2022
Ali DemirciLabour PartyBounds Green05-05-2022
Clare BullLabour PartyBounds Green05-05-2022
Joanna ChristophidesLabour PartyBounds Green05-05-2022
Joseph EjioforLabour PartyBruce Grove05-05-2022
Stuart McNamaraLabour PartyBruce Grove05-05-2022
Felicia OpokuLabour PartyBruce Grove05-05-2022
Jason ArthurLabour PartyCrouch End05-05-2022
Sarah ElliottLabour PartyCrouch End05-05-2022
Natan DoronLabour PartyCrouch End05-05-2022
Martin NewtonLiberal DemocratsFortis Green05-05-2022
Patrick BerrymanLabour PartyFortis Green05-05-2022
Viv RossLiberal DemocratsFortis Green05-05-2022
Zena BrabazonLabour PartyHarringay05-05-2022
Gina AdamouLabour PartyHarringay05-05-2022
Emine IbrahimLabour PartyHarringay05-05-2022
Clive CarterLiberal DemocratsHighgate05-05-2022
Bob HareLiberal DemocratsHighgate05-05-2022
Liz MorrisLiberal DemocratsHighgate05-05-2022
Elin WestonLabour PartyHornsey05-05-2022
Adam JogeeLabour PartyHornsey05-05-2022
Jennifer MannLabour PartyHornsey05-05-2022
Gail EngertLiberal DemocratsMuswell Hill05-05-2022
Mark BlakeLabour PartyMuswell Hill05-05-2022
Pippa ConnorLiberal DemocratsMuswell Hill05-05-2022
Peray AhmetLabour PartyNoel Park05-05-2022
Alan StricklandLabour PartyNoel Park05-05-2022
Stephen MannLabour PartyNoel Park05-05-2022
Kaushika AminLabour PartyNorthumberland Park05-05-2022
Sheila PeacockLabour PartyNorthumberland Park05-05-2022
John BevanLabour PartyNorthumberland Park05-05-2022
Dhiren BasuLabour PartySeven Sisters05-05-2022
Joe GoldbergLabour PartySeven Sisters05-05-2022
Claire KoberLabour PartySeven Sisters05-05-2022
Noah TuckerLabour PartySt Ann's05-05-2022
Barbara BlakeLabour PartySt Ann's05-05-2022
Ali Gul OzbekLabour PartySt Ann's05-05-2022
Tim GallagherLabour PartyStroud Green05-05-2022
Kirsten HearnLabour PartyStroud Green05-05-2022
Raj SahotaLabour PartyStroud Green05-05-2022
Makbule GunesLabour PartyTottenham Green05-05-2022
Bernice VanierLabour PartyTottenham Green05-05-2022
Isidoros DiakidesLabour PartyTottenham Green05-05-2022
Lorna ReithLabour PartyTottenham Hale05-05-2022
Vincent CarrollLabour PartyTottenham Hale05-05-2022
Reg RiceLabour PartyTottenham Hale05-05-2022
Toni MallettLabour PartyWest Green05-05-2022
Eugene AyisiLabour PartyWest Green05-05-2022
Eddie GriffithLabour PartyWest Green05-05-2022
Charles AdjeLabour PartyWhite Hart Lane05-05-2022
Anne StennettLabour PartyWhite Hart Lane05-05-2022
Gideon BullLabour PartyWhite Hart Lane05-05-2022
Peter MitchellLabour PartyWoodside05-05-2022
Charles WrightLabour PartyWoodside05-05-2022
Ann WatersLabour PartyWoodside05-05-2022