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Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000016
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlIND/LAB



Havering Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Matthew StantonLabour PartyBeam Park2026
Trevor McKeeverLabour PartyBeam Park2026
John TylerIndependent / OtherCranham2026
Philip RuckIndependent / OtherCranham2026
Gillian FordHavering Residents AssociationCranham2026
Barry MugglestoneHavering Residents AssociationElm Park2026
Stephanie NunnHavering Residents AssociationElm Park2026
Julie WilkesHavering Residents AssociationElm Park2026
Laurance GarrardHavering Residents AssociationEmerson Park2026
David GodwinHavering Residents AssociationEmerson Park2026
Patricia BrownLabour PartyGooshays2026
Paul McGearyHavering Residents AssociationGooshays2026
Katharine TumiltyLabour PartyGooshays2026
Ray MorgonHavering Residents AssociationHacton2026
Reg WhitneyHavering Residents AssociationHacton2026
Brian EaglingHarold Wood Hill Park Residents AssociationHarold Wood2026
Martin GoodeHarold Wood Hill Park Residents AssociationHarold Wood2026
Darren WiseHarold Wood Hill Park Residents AssociationHarold Wood2026
Ray BestConservative and UnionistHavering-atte-Bower2026
John CrowderHavering Residents AssociationHavering-atte-Bower2026
Damian WhiteConservative and UnionistHavering-atte-Bower2026
Frankie WalkerLabour PartyHeaton2026
Mandy AndersonLabour PartyHeaton2026
Keith DarvillLabour PartyHeaton2026
Christine SmithHavering Residents AssociationHylands & Harrow Lodge2026
James GlassHavering Residents AssociationHylands & Harrow Lodge2026
John WoodHavering Residents AssociationHylands & Harrow Lodge2026
Osman DervishConservative and UnionistMarshalls & Rise Park2026
Robby MisirHavering Residents AssociationMarshalls & Rise Park2026
Philippa CrowderHavering Residents AssociationMarshalls & Rise Park2026
Dilip PatelConservative and UnionistMawneys2026
Carol SmithConservative and UnionistMawneys2026
Jason FrostConservative and UnionistMawneys2026
Sue OspreayHavering Residents AssociationRainham & Wennington2026
Jacqueline McArdleConservative and UnionistRainham & Wennington2026
Sarah EdwardsHavering Residents AssociationRainham & Wennington2026
Timothy RyanConservative and UnionistRush Green & Crowlands2026
Robert BenhamConservative and UnionistRush Green & Crowlands2026
Viddy PersaudConservative and UnionistRush Green & Crowlands2026
Natasha SummersHavering Residents AssociationSouth Hornchurch2026
Graham WilliamsonHavering Residents AssociationSouth Hornchurch2026
Christine VickeryConservative and UnionistSquirrels Heath2026
Keith PrinceConservative and UnionistSquirrels Heath2026
Michael WhiteConservative and UnionistSquirrels Heath2026
Judith HoltConservative and UnionistSt Alban's2026
Jane KeaneLabour PartySt Alban's2026
Paul MiddletonHavering Residents AssociationSt Andrew's2026
Gerry O'SullivanHavering Residents AssociationSt Andrew's2026
Bryan VincentHavering Residents AssociationSt Andrew's2026
Nisha PatelConservative and UnionistSt Edward's2026
Joshua ChapmanConservative and UnionistSt Edward's2026
David TaylorConservative and UnionistSt Edward's2026
Christopher WilkinsHavering Residents AssociationUpminster2026
Linda Rose HawthornHavering Residents AssociationUpminster2026
Oscar FordHavering Residents AssociationUpminster2026

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