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Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:8 0 44 0 0 0 0 2 0

Sutton Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Nick MatteyIndependentBeddington North05-05-2022
Pathumal AliLiberal DemocratsBeddington North05-05-2022
Nighat PirachaLiberal DemocratsBeddington North05-05-2022
Neil GarrattConservative and Unionist PartyBeddington South05-05-2022
Edward JoyceLiberal DemocratsBeddington South05-05-2022
Manuel AbellanLiberal DemocratsBeddington South05-05-2022
Jane PascoeConservative and Unionist PartyBelmont05-05-2022
David HicksConservative and Unionist PartyBelmont05-05-2022
Patrick McManusConservative and Unionist PartyBelmont05-05-2022
Hamish PollockLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central05-05-2022
Chris WilliamsLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central05-05-2022
Jill WhiteheadLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central05-05-2022
Amy HaldaneLiberal DemocratsCarshalton South and Clockhouse05-05-2022
Moira ButtConservative and Unionist PartyCarshalton South and Clockhouse05-05-2022
Tim CrowleyConservative and Unionist PartyCarshalton South and Clockhouse05-05-2022
Mary BurstowLiberal DemocratsCheam05-05-2022
Holly RamseyConservative and Unionist PartyCheam05-05-2022
Graham WhithamIndependentCheam05-05-2022
Samantha BourneLiberal DemocratsNonsuch05-05-2022
Daniel SangsterLiberal DemocratsNonsuch05-05-2022
Richard BroadbentLiberal DemocratsNonsuch05-05-2022
Jean CrossbyLiberal DemocratsSt Helier05-05-2022
Doug HuntLiberal DemocratsSt Helier05-05-2022
Martin GonzalezLiberal DemocratsSt Helier05-05-2022
Nick EmmersonLiberal DemocratsStonecot05-05-2022
Adrian DaveyLiberal DemocratsStonecot05-05-2022
Miguel JavelotLiberal DemocratsStonecot05-05-2022
Vincent GalliganLiberal DemocratsSutton Central05-05-2022
Ali MirhashemLiberal DemocratsSutton Central05-05-2022
David BartolucciLiberal DemocratsSutton Central05-05-2022
Steve PenneckLiberal DemocratsSutton North05-05-2022
Marlene HeronLiberal DemocratsSutton North05-05-2022
Ruth DombeyLiberal DemocratsSutton North05-05-2022
Tony ShieldsConservative and Unionist PartySutton South05-05-2022
Trish FiveyLiberal DemocratsSutton South05-05-2022
Richard CliftonLiberal DemocratsSutton South05-05-2022
Kevin BurkeLiberal DemocratsSutton West05-05-2022
Simon WalesLiberal DemocratsSutton West05-05-2022
Wendy MathysLiberal DemocratsSutton West05-05-2022
Colin StearsLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe05-05-2022
Callum MortonLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe05-05-2022
Nali PatelLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe05-05-2022
Marian JamesLiberal DemocratsWallington North05-05-2022
Joyce MelicanLiberal DemocratsWallington North05-05-2022
Sunita GordonLiberal DemocratsWallington North05-05-2022
Muhammad SadiqLiberal DemocratsWallington South05-05-2022
Steve CookLiberal DemocratsWallington South05-05-2022
Jayne McCoyLiberal DemocratsWallington South05-05-2022
Hanna ZuchowskaLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley05-05-2022
Margaret CourtLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley05-05-2022
Jason ReynoldsLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley05-05-2022
Arthur HookwayLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park05-05-2022
Richard MarstonLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park05-05-2022
Paul WingfieldLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park05-05-2022