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Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000029
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD


Councillors:8 0 44 0 0 0 0 2 0

Sutton Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Nick MatteyIndependent / OtherBeddington North2022
Pathumal AliLiberal DemocratsBeddington North2022
Nighat PirachaLiberal DemocratsBeddington North2022
Neil GarrattConservative and UnionistBeddington South2022
Edward JoyceLiberal DemocratsBeddington South2022
Manuel AbellanLiberal DemocratsBeddington South2022
Jane PascoeConservative and UnionistBelmont2022
David HicksConservative and UnionistBelmont2022
Patrick McManusConservative and UnionistBelmont2022
Hamish PollockLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central2022
Chris WilliamsLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central2022
Jill WhiteheadLiberal DemocratsCarshalton Central2022
Amy HaldaneLiberal DemocratsCarshalton South and Clockhouse2022
Moira ButtConservative and UnionistCarshalton South and Clockhouse2022
Tim CrowleyConservative and UnionistCarshalton South and Clockhouse2022
Mary BurstowLiberal DemocratsCheam2022
Holly RamseyConservative and UnionistCheam2022
Graham WhithamIndependent / OtherCheam2022
Samantha BourneLiberal DemocratsNonsuch2022
Daniel SangsterLiberal DemocratsNonsuch2022
Richard BroadbentLiberal DemocratsNonsuch2022
Jean CrossbyLiberal DemocratsSt Helier2022
Doug HuntLiberal DemocratsSt Helier2022
Martin GonzalezLiberal DemocratsSt Helier2022
Nick EmmersonLiberal DemocratsStonecot2022
Adrian DaveyLiberal DemocratsStonecot2022
Miguel JavelotLiberal DemocratsStonecot2022
Vincent GalliganLiberal DemocratsSutton Central2022
Ali MirhashemLiberal DemocratsSutton Central2022
David BartolucciLiberal DemocratsSutton Central2022
Steve PenneckLiberal DemocratsSutton North2022
Marlene HeronLiberal DemocratsSutton North2022
Ruth DombeyLiberal DemocratsSutton North2022
Tony ShieldsConservative and UnionistSutton South2022
Trish FiveyLiberal DemocratsSutton South2022
Richard CliftonLiberal DemocratsSutton South2022
Kevin BurkeLiberal DemocratsSutton West2022
Simon WalesLiberal DemocratsSutton West2022
Wendy MathysLiberal DemocratsSutton West2022
Colin StearsLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe2022
Callum MortonLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe2022
Nali PatelLiberal DemocratsThe Wrythe2022
Marian JamesLiberal DemocratsWallington North2022
Joyce MelicanLiberal DemocratsWallington North2022
Sunita GordonLiberal DemocratsWallington North2022
Muhammad SadiqLiberal DemocratsWallington South2022
Steve CookLiberal DemocratsWallington South2022
Jayne McCoyLiberal DemocratsWallington South2022
Hanna ZuchowskaLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley2022
Margaret CourtLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley2022
Jason ReynoldsLiberal DemocratsWandle Valley2022
Arthur HookwayLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park2022
Richard MarstonLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park2022
Paul WingfieldLiberal DemocratsWorcester Park2022

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