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Council TypeMetropolitan
ONS CodeE08000006
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB


Councillors:8 49 2 0 0 0 0 1 0

Salford Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
David Lancaster MBELabour PartyBarton & Winton2023
John MullenLabour PartyBarton & Winton2026
Paula BoshellLabour PartyBarton & Winton2024
Jane HamiltonLabour PartyBlackfriars & Trinity2024
Roseanna WainLabour PartyBlackfriars & Trinity2023
Roseanna WainLabour PartyBlackfriars & Trinity2026
Les TurnerConservative and UnionistBoothstown & Ellenbrook2026
Bob ClarkeConservative and UnionistBoothstown & Ellenbrook2024
Les TurnerConservative and UnionistBoothstown & Ellenbrook2023
Jim KingLabour PartyBroughton2024
Maria BrabinerLabour PartyBroughton2023
John MerryLabour PartyBroughton2026
Lewis NelsonLabour PartyCadishead & Lower Irlam2024
Lewis Eric NelsonLabour PartyCadishead & Lower Irlam2023
Yolande Amana-GholaLabour PartyCadishead & Lower Irlam2026
Barbara BenthamLabour PartyClaremont2023
Neil ReynoldsLabour PartyClaremont2026
Barbara BenthamLabour PartyClaremont2024
Sharmina AugustLabour PartyEccles2024
Sharmina AugustLabour PartyEccles2023
Nathaniel TettehLabour PartyEccles2026
Mishal SaeedLabour PartyHigher Irlam & Peel Green2026
Roger JonesLabour PartyHigher Irlam & Peel Green2024
Tracy KellyLabour PartyHigher Irlam & Peel Green2023
Arnold SaundersConservative and UnionistKersal & Broughton Park2024
Arnold SaundersConservative and UnionistKersal & Broughton Park2023
Avrohom YitschokIndependent / OtherKersal & Broughton Park2026
Kate LewisLabour PartyLittle Hulton2024
Kate LewisLabour PartyLittle Hulton2023
Teresa PepperLabour PartyLittle Hulton2026
Tanya BurchLabour PartyOrdsall2023
Chris TwellsLiberal DemocratsOrdsall2026
Ray MashiterLabour PartyOrdsall2024
Damian BaileyLabour PartyPendlebury & Clifton2024
Damian BaileyLabour PartyPendlebury & Clifton2023
Sophia LindenLabour PartyPendlebury & Clifton2026
Michele BarnesLabour PartyPendleton & Charlestown2024
Michele BarnesLabour PartyPendleton & Charlestown2023
John WarmishamLabour PartyPendleton & Charlestown2026
Ann-Marie HumphreysLabour PartyQuays2023
Alex WarrenLiberal DemocratsQuays2026
Ann-Marie HumphreysLabour PartyQuays2024
Jim DawsonLabour PartySwinton & Wardley2024
Jim DawsonLabour PartySwinton & Wardley2023
Gina ReynoldsLabour PartySwinton & Wardley2026
Stuart DickmanLabour PartySwinton Park2026
Heather FletcherLabour PartySwinton Park2024
Heather FletcherLabour PartySwinton Park2023
Adrian BrocklehurstLabour PartyWalkden North2024
Adrian BrocklehurstLabour PartyWalkden North2023
Jack YoudLabour PartyWalkden North2026
Margaret Morris MBELabour PartyWalkden South2024
Joshua BrooksLabour PartyWalkden South2023
Irfan SyedLabour PartyWalkden South2026
Philip CusackLabour PartyWeaste & Seedley2023
Alexis ShamaLabour PartyWeaste & Seedley2026
Madeline WadeLabour PartyWeaste & Seedley2024
Karen GarridoConservative and UnionistWorsley & Westwood Park2024
Karen GarridoConservative and UnionistWorsley & Westwood Park2023
Adam KealeyConservative and UnionistWorsley & Westwood Park2026

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