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North Lanarkshire

Council TypeScotland
ONS CodeS12000050
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB min



North Lanarkshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
D StocksScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie Central2021
T DouglasConservative and UnionistAirdrie Central2021
N PettigrewScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie Central2021
J LogueLabour PartyAirdrie Central2021
A BeveridgeIndependent / OtherAirdrie North2021
S CoyleScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie North2021
T MorganLabour PartyAirdrie North2021
D CullenConservative and UnionistAirdrie North2021
P Di MascioScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie South2021
M CoyleScottish National Party (SNP)Airdrie South2021
I McNeilLabour PartyAirdrie South2021
S WatsonConservative and UnionistAirdrie South2021
A CampbellLabour PartyBellshill2021
JJ LindenScottish National Party (SNP)Bellshill2021
H CurranLabour PartyBellshill2021
C CameronConservative and UnionistBellshill2021
W ShieldsLabour PartyCoatbridge North2021
K LarsonScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge North2021
A StubbsScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge North2021
A McVeyLabour PartyCoatbridge North2021
F MacGregorScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge South2021
G EnciniasLabour PartyCoatbridge South2021
T CastlesLabour PartyCoatbridge South2021
T CarragherScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge South2021
C StephenScottish National Party (SNP)Coatbridge West2021
K DochertyLabour PartyCoatbridge West2021
M GourlayLabour PartyCoatbridge West2021
G FannanLabour PartyCumbernauld East2021
P HoggScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld East2021
C BarclayScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld East2021
T JohnstonScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld East2021
T FisherLabour PartyCumbernauld North2021
D AshrafScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld North2021
C CurrieConservative and UnionistCumbernauld North2021
A MastertonScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld North2021
J AshrafScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld South2021
W GoldieScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld South2021
A GrahamLabour PartyCumbernauld South2021
C JohnstonScottish National Party (SNP)Cumbernauld South2021
S ThorntonConservative and UnionistFortissat2021
M McCullochLabour PartyFortissat2021
T CochraneIndependent / OtherFortissat2021
K StevensonLabour PartyFortissat2021
M McPakeLabour PartyGartcosh, Glenboig and Moodiesburn2021
G LennonScottish National Party (SNP)Gartcosh, Glenboig and Moodiesburn2021
W DoolanLabour PartyGartcosh, Glenboig and Moodiesburn2021
MJ KerrScottish National Party (SNP)Kilsyth2021
J JonesLabour PartyKilsyth2021
H Brannan-McVeyLabour PartyKilsyth2021
D BairdIndependent / OtherMossend and Holytown2021
F McNallyLabour PartyMossend and Holytown2021
J ReddinLabour PartyMossend and Holytown2021
P O\'RourkeLabour PartyMotherwell North2021
A WeirScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell North2021
S FarooqScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell North2021
O CarsonLabour PartyMotherwell North2021
Al ValentineScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig2021
A MagowanScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig2021
K DuffyLabour PartyMotherwell South East and Ravenscraig2021
N WilsonConservative and UnionistMotherwell South East and Ravenscraig2021
Pa KellyLabour PartyMotherwell West2021
M GallacherConservative and UnionistMotherwell West2021
An ValentineScottish National Party (SNP)Motherwell West2021
L RoartyLabour PartyMurdostoun2021
CW McManusScottish National Party (SNP)Murdostoun2021
R McKendrickIndependent / OtherMurdostoun2021
N ShevlinLabour PartyMurdostoun2021
J McLarenLabour PartyStepps, Chryston and Muirhead2021
L AndersonScottish National Party (SNP)Stepps, Chryston and Muirhead2021
S GoldsackConservative and UnionistStepps, Chryston and Muirhead2021
H GaffneyLabour PartyThorniewood2021
R BurrowsLabour PartyThorniewood2021
S BonnarScottish National Party (SNP)Thorniewood2021
F FotheringhamScottish National Party (SNP)Wishaw2021
B BurgessConservative and UnionistWishaw2021
J HumeScottish National Party (SNP)Wishaw2021
A FeeneyLabour PartyWishaw2021

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