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Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Council TypeUnitary
Election ModelALL ?
Council SourceURL
Last Updated02-12-2020
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlCON min


Councillors:36 3 14 2 1 0 0 18 2

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Toby JohnsonLiberal DemocratsAlderney & Bourne Valley04-05-2023
Rachel MaidmentLiberal DemocratsAlderney & Bourne Valley04-05-2023
Tony TrentLiberal DemocratsAlderney & Bourne Valley04-05-2023
Richard BurtonLiberal DemocratsBearwood & Merley04-05-2023
Marcus AndrewsLiberal DemocratsBearwood & Merley04-05-2023
David BrownLiberal DemocratsBearwood & Merley04-05-2023
Andy JonesConservative and UnionistBoscombe East & Pokesdown04-05-2023
George FarquharLabour PartyBoscombe East & Pokesdown04-05-2023
Lewis AllisonLabour PartyBoscombe West04-05-2023
Jane KellyConservative and UnionistBoscombe West04-05-2023
Mike GreeneConservative and UnionistBournemouth Central04-05-2023
Hazel AllenConservative and UnionistBournemouth Central04-05-2023
Michael BrookeLiberal DemocratsBroadstone04-05-2023
Vikki SladeLiberal DemocratsBroadstone04-05-2023
Simon McCormackIndependent / OtherBurton & Grange04-05-2023
David FlaggIndependent / OtherBurton & Grange04-05-2023
May HainesConservative and UnionistCanford Cliffs04-05-2023
Mohan IyengarConservative and UnionistCanford Cliffs04-05-2023
Chris MatthewsLiberal DemocratsCanford Heath04-05-2023
Sandra MooreLiberal DemocratsCanford Heath04-05-2023
VacancyVacantCanford Heath04-05-2023
Mike CoxLiberal DemocratsChristchurch Town04-05-2023
Peter HallConservative and UnionistChristchurch Town04-05-2023
Margaret PhippsIndependent / OtherCommons04-05-2023
Diana ButlerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Creekmoor04-05-2023
Judy ButtConservative and UnionistCreekmoor04-05-2023
Roberto RoccaConservative and UnionistEast Cliff & Springbourne04-05-2023
Anne FilerConservative and UnionistEast Cliff & Springbourne04-05-2023
David KelseyConservative and UnionistEast Cliff & Springbourne04-05-2023
Eddie CoopeConservative and UnionistEast Southbourne & Tuckton04-05-2023
Malcolm DaviesConservative and UnionistEast Southbourne & Tuckton04-05-2023
Julie BagwellIndependent / OtherHamworthy04-05-2023
Daniel ButtIndependent / OtherHamworthy04-05-2023
Mike WhiteConservative and UnionistHamworthy04-05-2023
Nick GearyIndependent / OtherHighcliffe & Walkford04-05-2023
Nigel BrooksIndependent / OtherHighcliffe & Walkford04-05-2023
Duane FarrConservative and UnionistKinson04-05-2023
Laurence FearConservative and UnionistKinson04-05-2023
Norman DecentConservative and UnionistKinson04-05-2023
Bobbie DoveConservative and UnionistLittledown & Iford04-05-2023
Lawrence WilliamsConservative and UnionistLittledown & Iford04-05-2023
Sarah AndersonConservative and UnionistMoordown04-05-2023
Beverley DunlopConservative and UnionistMoordown04-05-2023
Lesley DedmanIndependent / OtherMudeford, Stanpit & West Highcliffe04-05-2023
Paul HilliardIndependent / OtherMudeford, Stanpit & West Highcliffe04-05-2023
Lisa NorthoverIndependent / OtherMuscliff & Strouden Park04-05-2023
Derek BorthwickConservative and UnionistMuscliff & Strouden Park04-05-2023
Kieron WilsonIndependent / OtherMuscliff & Strouden Park04-05-2023
Marion Le PoidevinLiberal DemocratsNewtown & Heatherlands04-05-2023
Mark RobsonLiberal DemocratsNewtown & Heatherlands04-05-2023
Millie EarlLiberal DemocratsNewtown & Heatherlands04-05-2023
Pete MilesIndependent / OtherOakdale04-05-2023
Dr Felicity RiceAlliance For Local Living (ALL)Oakdale04-05-2023
Ann StribleyConservative and UnionistParkstone04-05-2023
Steve BaronIndependent / OtherParkstone04-05-2023
Bryan DionConservative and UnionistPenn Hill04-05-2023
Tony O'NeillConservative and UnionistPenn Hill04-05-2023
Mark HowellThe Party for Poole People Ltd.Poole Town04-05-2023
L-J EvansThe Party for Poole People Ltd.Poole Town04-05-2023
Andy HadleyThe Party for Poole People Ltd.Poole Town04-05-2023
Cheryl JohnsonConservative and UnionistQueen’s Park04-05-2023
Mark AndersonConservative and UnionistQueen’s Park04-05-2023
Stephen BartlettIndependent / OtherRedhill & Northbourne04-05-2023
Jackie EdwardsConservative and UnionistRedhill & Northbourne04-05-2023
Philip BroadheadConservative and UnionistTalbot & Branksome Woods04-05-2023
Drew MellorConservative and UnionistTalbot & Branksome Woods04-05-2023
Karen RamptonConservative and UnionistTalbot & Branksome Woods04-05-2023
Susan PhillipsConservative and UnionistWallisdown & Winton West04-05-2023
Nigel HedgesConservative and UnionistWallisdown & Winton West04-05-2023
Robert LawtonConservative and UnionistWest Southbourne04-05-2023
Lisa LewisLabour PartyWest Southbourne04-05-2023
John BeesleyConservative and UnionistWestbourne & West Cliff04-05-2023
Nicola GreeneConservative and UnionistWestbourne & West Cliff04-05-2023
Simon BullGreen PartyWinton East04-05-2023
Chris RigbyGreen PartyWinton East04-05-2023