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List all 2018 councillors for:

All 103 Councillors for Sinn Féin (2018)

NameCouncilWardEnd of Term
A M LogueAntrim and NewtownabbeyAirport02-05-2019
H CushinanAntrim and NewtownabbeyDunsilly02-05-2019
Michael GoodmanAntrim and NewtownabbeyGlengormley Urban02-05-2019
Darren McNallyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonArmagh02-05-2019
Garath KeatingArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonArmagh02-05-2019
Kevin SavageArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge02-05-2019
Fergal LennonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCraigavon02-05-2019
Catherine NelsonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLurgan02-05-2019
Keith HaughianArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLurgan02-05-2019
Liam MackleArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLurgan02-05-2019
Paul DuffyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonPortadown02-05-2019
Geraldine McAteerBelfastBalmoral02-05-2019
Arder CarsonBelfastBlack Mountain02-05-2019
Ciaran BeattieBelfastBlack Mountain02-05-2019
Emma GrovesBelfastBlack Mountain02-05-2019
Órla Nic BiornaBelfastBlack Mountain02-05-2019
Steven CorrBelfastBlack Mountain02-05-2019
The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor Councillor Deirdre HargeyBelfastBotanic02-05-2019
Mary Ellen CampbellBelfastCastle02-05-2019
Charlene O'HaraBelfastCollin02-05-2019
Daniel BakerBelfastCollin02-05-2019
Matt GarrettBelfastCollin02-05-2019
Séanna WalshBelfastCollin02-05-2019
Stephen MagennisBelfastCollin02-05-2019
Christina BlackBelfastCourt02-05-2019
Claire CanavanBelfastCourt02-05-2019
JJ MageeBelfastOldpark02-05-2019
Mary ClarkeBelfastOldpark02-05-2019
Ryan MurphyBelfastOldpark02-05-2019
Mairéad O'DonnellBelfastTitanic02-05-2019
Cathal McLaughlinCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney02-05-2019
Dermot NichollCauseway Coast and GlensBenbradagh02-05-2019
Kathleen McGurkCauseway Coast and GlensBenbradagh02-05-2019
Sean McGlincheyCauseway Coast and GlensBenbradagh02-05-2019
Brenda ChiversCauseway Coast and GlensLimavady02-05-2019
Cara McShaneCauseway Coast and GlensThe Glens02-05-2019
Kieran MulhollandCauseway Coast and GlensThe Glens02-05-2019
Aileen MellonDerry City and StrabaneBallyarnett02-05-2019
Caoimhe McKnightDerry City and StrabaneBallyarnett02-05-2019
Sandra DuffyDerry City and StrabaneBallyarnett02-05-2019
Kieran McGuireDerry City and StrabaneDerg02-05-2019
Maolíosa McHughDerry City and StrabaneDerg02-05-2019
Ruairi McHughDerry City and StrabaneDerg02-05-2019
Paul FlemingDerry City and StrabaneFaughan02-05-2019
Eric McGinleyDerry City and StrabaneFoyleside02-05-2019
Michael CooperDerry City and StrabaneFoyleside02-05-2019
Brian McMahonDerry City and StrabaneSperrin02-05-2019
Dan KellyDerry City and StrabaneSperrin02-05-2019
Karina CarlinDerry City and StrabaneSperrin02-05-2019
Kevin CampbellDerry City and StrabaneThe Moor02-05-2019
Patricia LogueDerry City and StrabaneThe Moor02-05-2019
Sharon DuddyDerry City and StrabaneThe Moor02-05-2019
Christopher JacksonDerry City and StrabaneWaterside02-05-2019
Debbie CoyleFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen02-05-2019
Tommy MaguireFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen02-05-2019
Brian McCaffreyFermanagh and OmaghErne East02-05-2019
Sheamus GreeneFermanagh and OmaghErne East02-05-2019
Thomas O'ReillyFermanagh and OmaghErne East02-05-2019
John FeelyFermanagh and OmaghErne North02-05-2019
Anthony FeelyFermanagh and OmaghErne West02-05-2019
Barry DohertyFermanagh and OmaghErne West02-05-2019
Anne Marie FitzgeraldFermanagh and OmaghMid Tyrone02-05-2019
Barry McNallyFermanagh and OmaghMid Tyrone02-05-2019
Sean ClarkeFermanagh and OmaghMid Tyrone02-05-2019
Sean DonnellyFermanagh and OmaghMid Tyrone02-05-2019
Marty McColganFermanagh and OmaghOmagh02-05-2019
Frankie DonnellyFermanagh and OmaghWest Tyrone02-05-2019
Glenn CampbellFermanagh and OmaghWest Tyrone02-05-2019
Stephen McCannFermanagh and OmaghWest Tyrone02-05-2019
Patrice HardyMid and East AntrimBannside02-05-2019
James McKeownMid and East AntrimCoast Road02-05-2019
Brian McGuiganMid UlsterCarntogher02-05-2019
Kate McEldowneyMid UlsterCarntogher02-05-2019
Séan McPeakeMid UlsterCarntogher02-05-2019
Phelim GildernewMid UlsterClogher Valley02-05-2019
Sean McGuiganMid UlsterClogher Valley02-05-2019
Cathal MallaghanMid UlsterCookstown02-05-2019
Gavin BellMid UlsterCookstown02-05-2019
John McNameeMid UlsterCookstown02-05-2019
Dominic MolloyMid UlsterDungannon02-05-2019
Darren TottenMid UlsterMagherafelt02-05-2019
Sean ClarkeMid UlsterMagherafelt02-05-2019
Catherine ElattarMid UlsterMoyola02-05-2019
Donal McPeakeMid UlsterMoyola02-05-2019
Ian MilneMid UlsterMoyola02-05-2019
Joe O'NeillMid UlsterTorrent02-05-2019
Mickey GillespieMid UlsterTorrent02-05-2019
Niamh DorisMid UlsterTorrent02-05-2019
Ronan McGinleyMid UlsterTorrent02-05-2019
McMahon OksanaNewry, Mourne and DownCrotlieve02-05-2019
Ruane MickeyNewry, Mourne and DownCrotlieve02-05-2019
Bailie NaomiNewry, Mourne and DownDownpatrick02-05-2019
Casey CharlieNewry, Mourne and DownNewry02-05-2019
Harte ValerieNewry, Mourne and DownNewry02-05-2019
Kimmins LizNewry, Mourne and DownNewry02-05-2019
Howell RoisinNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Croob02-05-2019
Rice JohnNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Croob02-05-2019
Hearty TerryNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Gullion02-05-2019
Larkin MickeyNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Gullion02-05-2019
Mulgrew RoisinNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Gullion02-05-2019
Ó Muirí BarraNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Gullion02-05-2019
Clarke WillieNewry, Mourne and DownThe Mournes02-05-2019
Doran SeánNewry, Mourne and DownThe Mournes02-05-2019

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