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List all 2022 councillors for:

All 117 Councillors for Democratic Unionist Party - D.U.P. (2022)

NameCouncilWardEnd of Term
Matthew MagillAntrim and NewtownabbeyAirport18-05-2023
John SmythAntrim and NewtownabbeyAntrim18-05-2023
Paul DunlopAntrim and NewtownabbeyAntrim18-05-2023
Jeannie ArchibaldAntrim and NewtownabbeyBallyclare18-05-2023
Mandy GirvanAntrim and NewtownabbeyBallyclare18-05-2023
Linda ClarkeAntrim and NewtownabbeyDunsilly18-05-2023
Alison BenningtonAntrim and NewtownabbeyGlengormley Urban18-05-2023
Phillip BrettAntrim and NewtownabbeyGlengormley Urban18-05-2023
Dean McCulloughAntrim and NewtownabbeyMacedon18-05-2023
Matthew BradyAntrim and NewtownabbeyMacedon18-05-2023
Mark CooperAntrim and NewtownabbeyThree Mile Water18-05-2023
Sam FlanaganAntrim and NewtownabbeyThree Mile Water18-05-2023
Stephen RossAntrim and NewtownabbeyThree Mile Water18-05-2023
Eddie ThompsonArds and North DownArds Peninsula18-05-2023
Nigel EdmundArds and North DownArds Peninsula18-05-2023
Robert Adair, Deputy MayorArds and North DownArds Peninsula18-05-2023
Alistair CathcartArds and North DownBangor Central18-05-2023
Wesley IrvineArds and North DownBangor Central18-05-2023
Janice MacArthurArds and North DownBangor East and Donaghadee18-05-2023
Jennifer GilmourArds and North DownBangor West18-05-2023
Robert GibsonArds and North DownComber18-05-2023
Trevor CummingsArds and North DownComber18-05-2023
Peter JohnsonArds and North DownHolywood and Clandeboye18-05-2023
Colin KennedyArds and North DownNewtownards18-05-2023
Naomi Armstrong-CotterArds and North DownNewtownards18-05-2023
Stephen McIlveenArds and North DownNewtownards18-05-2023
Ian WilsonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge18-05-2023
Paul GreenfieldArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge18-05-2023
Margaret TinsleyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCraigavon18-05-2023
Gareth WilsonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCusher18-05-2023
Mark BaxterArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLagan River18-05-2023
Paul RankinArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLagan River18-05-2023
Tim McClellandArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLagan River18-05-2023
Stephen MoutrayArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLurgan18-05-2023
Darryn CausbyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonPortadown18-05-2023
Lavelle McIlwrathArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonPortadown18-05-2023
Sydney AndersonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonPortadown18-05-2023
David GrahamBelfastBalmoral18-05-2023
Sarah BuntingBelfastBalmoral18-05-2023
Tracey KellyBelfastBotanic18-05-2023
Fred CobainBelfastCastle18-05-2023
Brian KingstonBelfastCourt18-05-2023
Frank McCoubreyBelfastCourt18-05-2023
Nicola VernerBelfastCourt18-05-2023
David BrooksBelfastLisnasharragh18-05-2023
Tommy SandfordBelfastLisnasharragh18-05-2023
Dale PankhurstBelfastOldpark18-05-2023
John HusseyBelfastOrmiston18-05-2023
Tom HaireBelfastOrmiston18-05-2023
Adam NewtonBelfastTitanic18-05-2023
George DorrianBelfastTitanic18-05-2023
Alan McLeanCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney18-05-2023
Ivor WallaceCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney18-05-2023
John FinlayCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney18-05-2023
Adrian McQuillanCauseway Coast and GlensBann18-05-2023
Michelle Knight-McQuillanCauseway Coast and GlensBann18-05-2023
Edgar ScottCauseway Coast and GlensBenbradagh18-05-2023
John McAuleyCauseway Coast and GlensCauseway18-05-2023
Mark FieldingCauseway Coast and GlensCauseway18-05-2023
Sharon McKillopCauseway Coast and GlensCauseway18-05-2023
George DuddyCauseway Coast and GlensColeraine18-05-2023
Philip AndersonCauseway Coast and GlensColeraine18-05-2023
Aaron CallanCauseway Coast and GlensLimavady18-05-2023
Alan RobinsonCauseway Coast and GlensLimavady18-05-2023
Keith KerriganDerry City and StrabaneDerg18-05-2023
Graham WarkeDerry City and StrabaneFaughan18-05-2023
Allan BreslandDerry City and StrabaneSperrin18-05-2023
Maurice DevenneyDerry City and StrabaneSperrin18-05-2023
David RamseyDerry City and StrabaneWaterside18-05-2023
Hilary McClintockDerry City and StrabaneWaterside18-05-2023
Keith ElliotFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen18-05-2023
Paul RobinsonFermanagh and OmaghErne East18-05-2023
Deborah ArmstrongFermanagh and OmaghErne North18-05-2023
Errol ThompsonFermanagh and OmaghOmagh18-05-2023
Mark BuchananFermanagh and OmaghWest Tyrone18-05-2023
David DrysdaleLisburn and CastlereaghCastlereagh East18-05-2023
John LavertyLisburn and CastlereaghCastlereagh East18-05-2023
Sharon SkillenLisburn and CastlereaghCastlereagh East18-05-2023
Andrew GowanLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire East18-05-2023
Uel MackinLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire East18-05-2023
Allan EwartLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire West18-05-2023
Caleb McCreadyLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire West18-05-2023
James TInsleyLisburn and CastlereaghKillultagh18-05-2023
Thomas BeckettLisburn and CastlereaghKillultagh18-05-2023
Jonathan CraigLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn North18-05-2023
Scott CarsonLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn North18-05-2023
Alan GivanLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn South18-05-2023
Andrew EwingLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn South18-05-2023
Paul PorterLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn South18-05-2023
Audrey Wales MBEMid and East AntrimBallymena18-05-2023
John CarsonMid and East AntrimBallymena18-05-2023
Thomas GordonMid and East AntrimBannside18-05-2023
Tommy Nicholl MBEMid and East AntrimBannside18-05-2023
Beth Adger MBEMid and East AntrimBraid18-05-2023
Julie FrewMid and East AntrimBraid18-05-2023
William McCaugheyMid and East AntrimBraid18-05-2023
Billy Ashe, MBEMid and East AntrimCarrick Castle18-05-2023
Cheryl BrownleeMid and East AntrimCarrick Castle18-05-2023
John McDermottMid and East AntrimCarrick Castle18-05-2023
Andrew ClarkeMid and East AntrimCoast Road18-05-2023
Angela SmythMid and East AntrimCoast Road18-05-2023
Marc CollinsMid and East AntrimKnockagh18-05-2023
Peter JohnstonMid and East AntrimKnockagh18-05-2023
Gregg McKeenMid and East AntrimLarne Lough18-05-2023
Paul ReidMid and East AntrimLarne Lough18-05-2023
Kyle BlackMid UlsterCarntogher18-05-2023
Frances BurtonMid UlsterClogher Valley18-05-2023
Wills RobinsonMid UlsterClogher Valley18-05-2023
Wilbert BuchananMid UlsterCookstown18-05-2023
Clement CuthbertsonMid UlsterDungannon18-05-2023
Kim AshtonMid UlsterDungannon18-05-2023
Paul McLeanMid UlsterMagherafelt18-05-2023
Wesley BrownMid UlsterMagherafelt18-05-2023
Anne FordeMid UlsterMoyola18-05-2023
Kathryn OwenNewry, Mourne and DownRowallane18-05-2023
William WalkerNewry, Mourne and DownRowallane18-05-2023
Glyn HannaNewry, Mourne and DownThe Mournes18-05-2023

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