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Council TypeCounty
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
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Councillors:65 5 7 1 0 0 0 3 0

Kent Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Paul Bartlett (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyAshford Central06-05-2021
George Koowaree (email)Liberal DemocratsAshford East06-05-2021
Clair Bell (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyAshford Rural East06-05-2021
Mike Angell (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyAshford Rural South06-05-2021
Charlie Simkins (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyAshford Rural West06-05-2021
Dara Farrell (email)Labour PartyAshford South06-05-2021
Emma Dawson (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBirchington and Rural06-05-2021
Liz Hurst (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBirchington and Rural06-05-2021
Rosalind Binks (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyBroadstairs06-05-2021
Graham Gibbens (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCanterbury City North06-05-2021
Ida Linfield (email)Liberal DemocratsCanterbury City South06-05-2021
Robert ThomasConservative and Unionist PartyCanterbury North06-05-2021
Michael Northey (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCanterbury South06-05-2021
Rory Love, OBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCheriton Sandgate and Hythe East06-05-2021
Lesley Game (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCliftonville06-05-2021
Seán Holden (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyCranbrook06-05-2021
Penny Cole (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDartford East06-05-2021
Dave Butler (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDartford North East06-05-2021
Jeremy Kite, MBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDartford Rural06-05-2021
Jan Ozog (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDartford West06-05-2021
Trevor Bond (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDeal and Walmer06-05-2021
Derek Murphy (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDeal and Walmer06-05-2021
Steve Manion (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDover North06-05-2021
Nigel Collor (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDover Town06-05-2021
Pauline Beresford (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDover Town06-05-2021
Geoff Lymer (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyDover West06-05-2021
Susan Carey (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyElham Valley06-05-2021
Antony Hook (email)Liberal DemocratsFaversham06-05-2021
Dick Pascoe (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyFolkestone East06-05-2021
David Monk (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyFolkestone West06-05-2021
Diane Marsh (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGravesend East06-05-2021
Alan Ridgers (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGravesend East06-05-2021
Bryan Sweetland (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyGravesham Rural06-05-2021
Andrew Cook (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHerne Bay East06-05-2021
Alan Marsh (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyHerne Village and Sturry06-05-2021
Martin Whybrow (email)Green PartyHythe West06-05-2021
Dan Daley (email)Liberal DemocratsMaidstone Central06-05-2021
Rob Bird (email)Liberal DemocratsMaidstone Central06-05-2021
Ian Chittenden (email)Liberal DemocratsMaidstone North East06-05-2021
Shellina Prendergast (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone Rural East06-05-2021
Paul Carter, CBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone Rural North06-05-2021
Eric Hotson (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone Rural South06-05-2021
Paulina Stockell (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone Rural West06-05-2021
Paul Cooper (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone South06-05-2021
Gary Cooke (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMaidstone South East06-05-2021
Trudy Dean, MBE (email)Liberal DemocratsMalling Central06-05-2021
Sarah Hohler (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMalling North06-05-2021
Peter Homewood (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMalling North East06-05-2021
Matthew Balfour (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMalling Rural East06-05-2021
Harry Rayner (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyMalling West06-05-2021
Barry Lewis (email)Labour PartyMargate06-05-2021
Dr Lauren Sullivan (email)Labour PartyNorthfleet and Gravesend West06-05-2021
John BurdenLabour PartyNorthfleet and Gravesend West06-05-2021
Karen Constantine (email)Labour PartyRamsgate06-05-2021
Paul MessengerIndependentRamsgate06-05-2021
Tony Hills (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyRomney Marsh06-05-2021
Sue Chandler (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySandwich06-05-2021
Roger Gough (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySevenoaks North and Darent Valley06-05-2021
David Brazier (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySevenoaks Rural North East06-05-2021
Peter Lake (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySevenoaks Rural South06-05-2021
Margaret Crabtree (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySevenoaks Town06-05-2021
Nick Chard (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySevenoaks West06-05-2021
Ken Pugh (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySheppey06-05-2021
Andy Booth (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySheppey06-05-2021
Jason ClinchSwale IndependentsSittingbourne North06-05-2021
John Wright (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySittingbourne South06-05-2021
Andrew Bowles (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySwale East06-05-2021
Mike Whiting (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySwale West06-05-2021
Michael Horwood (email)Conservative and Unionist PartySwanley06-05-2021
Peter Harman (email)Swanscombe and Greenhithe Residents' AssociationSwanscombe and Greenhithe06-05-2021
Mike Hill, OBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTenterden06-05-2021
Richard Long, TD (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTonbridge06-05-2021
Michael Payne (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTonbridge06-05-2021
Paul Barrington-King (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTunbridge Wells East06-05-2021
Peter Oakford (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTunbridge Wells North06-05-2021
Sarah Hamilton (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTunbridge Wells Rural06-05-2021
Catherine Rankin (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTunbridge Wells South06-05-2021
James McInroy (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyTunbridge Wells West06-05-2021
Ian Thomas (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWhitstable East and Herne Bay West06-05-2021
Mark Dance (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWhitstable West06-05-2021
Ann Allen, MBE (email)Conservative and Unionist PartyWilmington06-05-2021