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South Lakeland

Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:19 3 29 0 0 0 0 0 0

South Lakeland Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Vivienne ReesLiberal DemocratsAmbleside and Grasmere02-05-2019
Vicky HughesLiberal DemocratsAmbleside and Grasmere05-05-2022
Helen ChaffeyLiberal DemocratsArnside and Milnthorpe02-05-2019
Ian StewartLiberal DemocratsArnside and Milnthorpe05-05-2022
Rupert AudlandLiberal DemocratsArnside and Milnthorpe07-05-2020
David WilliamsConservative and Unionist PartyBowness and Levens02-05-2019
John HolmesConservative and Unionist PartyBowness and Levens05-05-2022
Kevin HolmesConservative and Unionist PartyBowness and Levens07-05-2020
Tracy CowardLiberal DemocratsBroughton and Coniston07-05-2020
Matt BreretonConservative and Unionist PartyBroughton and Coniston02-05-2019
Anne HallConservative and Unionist PartyBroughton and Coniston05-05-2022
Brian CooperConservative and Unionist PartyBurton and Crooklands07-05-2020
Tom HarveyConservative and Unionist PartyBurton and Crooklands02-05-2019
Roger BinghamConservative and Unionist PartyBurton and Crooklands05-05-2022
Gill GardnerLiberal DemocratsCartmel05-05-2022
Michael CornahConservative and Unionist PartyCartmel07-05-2020
Caroline AireyConservative and Unionist PartyFurness Peninsula07-05-2020
Andrew ButcherConservative and Unionist PartyFurness Peninsula02-05-2019
James AireyConservative and Unionist PartyFurness Peninsula05-05-2022
Eric MorrellLiberal DemocratsGrange05-05-2022
Robin AshcroftLiberal DemocratsGrange07-05-2020
Dave KhanLiberal DemocratsGrange02-05-2019
Helen LadhamsLiberal DemocratsKendal East02-05-2019
Rachael HoggLiberal DemocratsKendal East05-05-2022
Eamonn HennessyLiberal DemocratsKendal East07-05-2020
Stephen ColemanLiberal DemocratsKendal North05-05-2022
Jon OwenLiberal DemocratsKendal North07-05-2020
Pat BellConservative and Unionist PartyKendal Rural05-05-2022
Anne HuttonLiberal DemocratsKendal Rural07-05-2020
Hazel HodgsonLiberal DemocratsKendal Rural02-05-2019
Doug RathboneLiberal DemocratsKendal South and Natland02-05-2019
Jonathan BrookLiberal DemocratsKendal South and Natland05-05-2022
Chris HoggLiberal DemocratsKendal South and Natland07-05-2020
Philip DixonLiberal DemocratsKendal Town02-05-2019
Giles ArchibaldLiberal DemocratsKendal Town05-05-2022
Peter ThorntonLiberal DemocratsKendal Town07-05-2020
Matt SevernLiberal DemocratsKendal West07-05-2020
Graham VincentLiberal DemocratsKendal West02-05-2019
Alvin FinchLiberal DemocratsKendal West05-05-2022
Ian MitchellLiberal DemocratsSedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale07-05-2020
Sheila CapstickConservative and Unionist PartySedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale02-05-2019
Kevin LancasterConservative and Unionist PartySedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale05-05-2022
Mark WilsonLabour PartyUlverston East05-05-2022
David WebsterLabour PartyUlverston East07-05-2020
Shirley-Anne WilsonLabour PartyUlverston East02-05-2019
Helen IrvingConservative and Unionist PartyUlverston West05-05-2022
Janette JenkinsonConservative and Unionist PartyUlverston West07-05-2020
Amanda RiggConservative and Unionist PartyUlverston West02-05-2019
Dyan JonesLiberal DemocratsWindermere02-05-2019
Ben BerryConservative and Unionist PartyWindermere05-05-2022
Andrew JarvisLiberal DemocratsWindermere07-05-2020