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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelHALF ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD
Current ControlLD


Councillors:6 0 32 0 0 0 0 2 0

Cheltenham Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Alex HegenbarthLiberal DemocratsAll Saints05-05-2022
Steve JordanLiberal DemocratsAll Saints07-05-2020
Louis SavageConservative and UnionistBattledown07-05-2020
Matt BabbageConservative and UnionistBattledown05-05-2022
Mike CollinsLiberal DemocratsBenhall and The Reddings07-05-2020
Nigel BritterLiberal DemocratsBenhall and The Reddings05-05-2022
Angie BoyesLiberal DemocratsCharlton Kings05-05-2022
Paul McCloskeyLiberal DemocratsCharlton Kings07-05-2020
Paul BakerLiberal DemocratsCharlton Park05-05-2022
Steve HarveyLiberal DemocratsCharlton Park07-05-2020
Klara SudburyLiberal DemocratsCollege07-05-2020
Garth BarnesLiberal DemocratsCollege05-05-2022
Simon WheelerLiberal DemocratsHesters Way05-05-2022
Wendy FlynnLiberal DemocratsHesters Way07-05-2020
Chris MasonConservative and UnionistLansdown05-05-2022
Diggory SeacomeConservative and UnionistLansdown07-05-2020
Stephen CookeConservative and UnionistLeckhampton07-05-2020
Martin HorwoodLiberal DemocratsLeckhampton05-05-2022
Rowena HayLiberal DemocratsOakley07-05-2020
Max WilkinsonLiberal DemocratsOakley05-05-2022
Dilys BarrellLiberal DemocratsPark05-05-2022
Tim HarmanConservative and UnionistPark07-05-2020
Dennis ParsonsLiberal DemocratsPittville07-05-2020
Jo StaffordLiberal DemocratsPittville05-05-2022
Malcolm StennettPeople Against Bureaucracy GroupPrestbury07-05-2020
John PaynePeople Against Bureaucracy GroupPrestbury05-05-2022
Peter JeffriesLiberal DemocratsSpringbank05-05-2022
Suzanne WilliamsLiberal DemocratsSpringbank07-05-2020
Chris ColemanLiberal DemocratsSt. Marks07-05-2020
Sandra HollidayLiberal DemocratsSt. Marks05-05-2022
Jonny BrownsteenLiberal DemocratsSt. Pauls05-05-2022
Karl HobleyLiberal DemocratsSt. Pauls07-05-2020
David WillinghamLiberal DemocratsSt. Peters07-05-2020
Victoria AtherstoneLiberal DemocratsSt. Peters05-05-2022
Flo ClucasLiberal DemocratsSwindon Village05-05-2022
Bernard FisherLiberal DemocratsSwindon Village07-05-2020
Andrew McKinlayLiberal DemocratsUp Hatherley05-05-2022
Roger WhybornLiberal DemocratsUp Hatherley07-05-2020
Iain DobieLiberal Democratswarden Hill05-05-2022
Tony OliverLiberal DemocratsWarden Hill07-05-2020