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St Albans

Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000240
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD



St Albans Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Jenni MurrayLiberal DemocratsBatchwood2023
Liz NeedhamLiberal DemocratsBatchwood2026
Sinead HowlandLiberal DemocratsBatchwood2024
Mangala Patil MeadLiberal DemocratsBernards Heath2023
Helen CampbellLiberal DemocratsBernards Heath2026
Jez LevyLiberal DemocratsBernards Heath2024
Chris WhiteLiberal DemocratsClarence2024
Mark PedrozLiberal DemocratsClarence2023
Josie MadocLiberal DemocratsClarence2026
Chris BrazierLiberal DemocratsColney Heath2026
Geoff HarrisonLiberal DemocratsCunningham2023
Robert DonaldLiberal DemocratsCunningham2026
Roly EverallLiberal DemocratsCunningham2024
Dason CanningLiberal DemocratsHarpenden East2023
Pip LiverLiberal DemocratsHarpenden East2026
Paul De KortLiberal DemocratsHarpenden East2024
Allison WrenLiberal DemocratsHarpenden North & Rural2024
Ayesha RohaleLiberal DemocratsHarpenden North & Rural2023
Ed MooreLiberal DemocratsHarpenden North & Rural2026
Brian EllisConservative and UnionistHarpenden South2024
Mark BeashelConservative and UnionistHarpenden South2023
David HeritageConservative and UnionistHarpenden South2026
John GalvinLiberal DemocratsHarpenden West2024
Fiona GaskellLiberal DemocratsHarpenden West2023
Gill HaynesLiberal DemocratsHarpenden West2026
Jamie DayLiberal DemocratsHill End2026
Anthony RowlandsLiberal DemocratsHill End2024
Azmat MughalLiberal DemocratsHill End2023
Guy GampellLiberal DemocratsLondon Colney2023
Tony LillicoLiberal DemocratsLondon Colney2026
Simon CalderConservative and UnionistLondon Colney2024
Raj VisramLiberal DemocratsMarshalswick East & Jersey Farm2023
Lorraine KirbyLiberal DemocratsMarshalswick East & Jersey Farm2026
Elissa Da Costa-WaldmanLiberal DemocratsMarshalswick East & Jersey Farm2024
Simon MostynLiberal DemocratsMarshalswick West2024
Michael JonesLiberal DemocratsMarshalswick West2026
Nuala WebbLiberal DemocratsPark Street2023
Syed AbidiLiberal DemocratsPark Street2026
John ParryLiberal DemocratsPark Street2024
Lucinda CarneyLiberal DemocratsRedbourn2023
David MitchellIndependent / OtherRedbourn2026
Sharon HollingsworthLiberal DemocratsSandridge & Wheathampstead2023
Lynn CunninghamLiberal DemocratsSandridge & Wheathampstead2026
Kristian GavanLiberal DemocratsSandridge & Wheathampstead2024
Muki GorarLiberal DemocratsSopwell2023
Sarwar ShamsherLiberal DemocratsSopwell2026
Emma MatanleLiberal DemocratsSopwell2024
Danny ClareLiberal DemocratsSt Peters2024
Simon GroverGreen PartySt Peters2023
Jacqui TaylorLiberal DemocratsSt Peters2026
Giles FryLiberal DemocratsSt Stephen2024
Vladimir JirasekLiberal DemocratsSt Stephen2023
Ajanta HiltonLiberal DemocratsSt Stephen2026
Dawn GambleLiberal DemocratsVerulam2026
Edgar HillLiberal DemocratsVerulam2024
Andrew Warwick-ThompsonLiberal DemocratsVerulam2023

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