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Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000017
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON



Hillingdon Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Jas DhotLabour PartyBarnhill2022
Tony EgintonLabour PartyBarnhill2022
Kanwal DheerLabour PartyBarnhill2022
Janet GardnerLabour PartyBotwell2022
Mo KhursheedLabour PartyBotwell2022
Phoday JarjusseyLabour PartyBotwell2022
Roy ChamdalConservative and UnionistBrunel2022
Richard MillsConservative and UnionistBrunel2022
Brian SteadConservative and UnionistBrunel2022
Teji BarnesConservative and UnionistCavendish2022
Michael WhiteConservative and UnionistCavendish2022
Edward LaveryConservative and UnionistCavendish2022
Beulah EastLabour PartyCharville2022
Neil FyfeConservative and UnionistCharville2022
John OswellLabour PartyCharville2022
Catherine DannConservative and UnionistEastcote and East Ruislip2022
Becky HaggarConservative and UnionistEastcote and East Ruislip2022
Nick DenysConservative and UnionistEastcote and East Ruislip2022
Henry HigginsConservative and UnionistHarefield2022
Jane PalmerConservative and UnionistHarefield2022
June NelsonLabour PartyHeathrow Villages2022
Manjit KhatraLabour PartyHeathrow Villages2022
Peter Money BSC MScLabour PartyHeathrow Villages2022
Alan ChapmanConservative and UnionistHillingdon East2022
Patricia JacksonConservative and UnionistHillingdon East2022
Wayne BridgesConservative and UnionistHillingdon East2022
Raymond Puddifoot MBEConservative and UnionistIckenham2022
David Simmonds CBEConservative and UnionistIckenham2022
John HensleyConservative and UnionistIckenham2022
Douglas MillsConservative and UnionistManor2022
Susan O'BrienConservative and UnionistManor2022
Michael MarkhamConservative and UnionistManor2022
Carol Melvin BScConservative and UnionistNorthwood2022
Scott Seaman-DigbyConservative and UnionistNorthwood2022
Richard LewisConservative and UnionistNorthwood2022
John MorganConservative and UnionistNorthwood Hills2022
Jonathan BiancoConservative and UnionistNorthwood Hills2022
Duncan FlynnConservative and UnionistNorthwood Hills2022
Jazz DhillonLabour PartyPinkwell2022
John MorseLabour PartyPinkwell2022
Kuldeep LakhmanaLabour PartyPinkwell2022
Allan KauffmanConservative and UnionistSouth Ruislip2022
Jem DuducuConservative and UnionistSouth Ruislip2022
Judy KellyConservative and UnionistSouth Ruislip2022
Lynne AllenLabour PartyTownfield2022
Peter CurlingLabour PartyTownfield2022
Robin SansarpuriLabour PartyTownfield2022
Raymond GrahamConservative and UnionistUxbridge North2022
George CooperConservative and UnionistUxbridge North2022
David YarrowConservative and UnionistUxbridge North2022
Keith BurrowsConservative and UnionistUxbridge South2022
Judith CooperConservative and UnionistUxbridge South2022
Tony BurlesLabour PartyUxbridge South2022
Jan SweetingLabour PartyWest Drayton2022
Dominic GilhamConservative and UnionistWest Drayton2022
Janet DuncanLabour PartyWest Drayton2022
Philip Corthorne MCIPDConservative and UnionistWest Ruislip2022
Brian CroweConservative and UnionistWest Ruislip2022
John RileyConservative and UnionistWest Ruislip2022
Jagjit SinghLabour PartyYeading2022
Narinder GargLabour PartyYeading2022
Mohinder BirahLabour PartyYeading2022
Peter DavisConservative and UnionistYiewsley2022
Ian EdwardsConservative and UnionistYiewsley2022
Shehryar Ahmad-WallanaConservative and UnionistYiewsley2022

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