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Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:44 21 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Hillingdon Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Tony EgintonLabour PartyBarnhill05-05-2022
Kerri PrinceLabour PartyBarnhill05-05-2022
Jas DhotLabour PartyBarnhill05-05-2022
Janet GardnerLabour PartyBotwell05-05-2022
John OswellLabour PartyBotwell05-05-2022
Scott FarleyLabour PartyBotwell05-05-2022
Brian SteadConservative and Unionist PartyBrunel05-05-2022
Richard MillsConservative and Unionist PartyBrunel05-05-2022
Roy ChamdalConservative and Unionist PartyBrunel05-05-2022
Teji BarnesConservative and Unionist PartyCavendish05-05-2022
Heena MakwanaConservative and Unionist PartyCavendish05-05-2022
Edward LaveryConservative and Unionist PartyCavendish05-05-2022
Neil FyfeConservative and Unionist PartyCharville05-05-2022
Nicola BrightmanConservative and Unionist PartyCharville05-05-2022
Paula RodriguesConservative and Unionist PartyCharville05-05-2022
Nick DenysConservative and Unionist PartyEastcote and East Ruislip05-05-2022
Becky HaggarConservative and Unionist PartyEastcote and East Ruislip05-05-2022
Ian EdwardsConservative and Unionist PartyEastcote and East Ruislip05-05-2022
Jane PalmerConservative and Unionist PartyHarefield05-05-2022
Henry HigginsConservative and Unionist PartyHarefield05-05-2022
Ali MilaniLabour PartyHeathrow Villages05-05-2022
Peter Money BSC MSc PhDLabour PartyHeathrow Villages05-05-2022
June NelsonLabour PartyHeathrow Villages05-05-2022
Patricia JacksonConservative and Unionist PartyHillingdon East05-05-2022
Alan ChapmanConservative and Unionist PartyHillingdon East05-05-2022
Wayne BridgesConservative and Unionist PartyHillingdon East05-05-2022
John HensleyConservative and Unionist PartyIckenham05-05-2022
David Simmonds CBE MPConservative and Unionist PartyIckenham05-05-2022
Raymond Puddifoot MBEConservative and Unionist PartyIckenham05-05-2022
Susan O'BrienConservative and Unionist PartyManor05-05-2022
Douglas MillsConservative and Unionist PartyManor05-05-2022
Michael MarkhamConservative and Unionist PartyManor05-05-2022
Richard LewisConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood05-05-2022
Scott Seaman-DigbyConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood05-05-2022
Carol Melvin BScConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood05-05-2022
John MorganConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood Hills05-05-2022
Jonathan BiancoConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood Hills05-05-2022
Duncan FlynnConservative and Unionist PartyNorthwood Hills05-05-2022
Jazz DhillonLabour PartyPinkwell05-05-2022
John MorseLabour PartyPinkwell05-05-2022
Kuldeep LakhmanaLabour PartyPinkwell05-05-2022
Steve TuckwellConservative and Unionist PartySouth Ruislip05-05-2022
Allan KauffmanConservative and Unionist PartySouth Ruislip05-05-2022
Vanessa HurhangeeConservative and Unionist PartySouth Ruislip05-05-2022
Lynne AllenLabour PartyTownfield05-05-2022
Peter CurlingLabour PartyTownfield05-05-2022
Raju SansarpuriLabour PartyTownfield05-05-2022
Raymond GrahamConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge North05-05-2022
Martin GoddardConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge North05-05-2022
David YarrowConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge North05-05-2022
Judith CooperConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge South05-05-2022
Keith BurrowsConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge South05-05-2022
Farhad ChoubedarConservative and Unionist PartyUxbridge South05-05-2022
Stuart MathersLabour PartyWest Drayton05-05-2022
Janet DuncanLabour PartyWest Drayton05-05-2022
Jan SweetingLabour PartyWest Drayton05-05-2022
Philip Corthorne MCIPDConservative and Unionist PartyWest Ruislip05-05-2022
John RileyConservative and Unionist PartyWest Ruislip05-05-2022
Devi RadiaConservative and Unionist PartyWest Ruislip05-05-2022
Jagjit SinghLabour PartyYeading05-05-2022
Mohinder BirahLabour PartyYeading05-05-2022
Lindsay BlissLabour PartyYeading05-05-2022
Alan DevilleConservative and Unionist PartyYiewsley05-05-2022
Simon ArnoldConservative and Unionist PartyYiewsley05-05-2022
Shehryar Ahmad-WallanaConservative and Unionist PartyYiewsley05-05-2022