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Kensington and Chelsea

Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000020
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON


Councillors:36 8 2 1 0 0 0 3 0

Kensington and Chelsea Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
James HusbandConservative and UnionistAbingdon2026
Anne CyronConservative and UnionistAbingdon2026
Sarah AddenbrookeConservative and UnionistAbingdon2026
Walaa IdrisConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town2026
Sof McVeighConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town2026
Mary WealeConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town2026
Catherine FaulksConservative and UnionistCampden2026
Lloyd NorthConservative and UnionistCampden2026
Preety HuddConservative and UnionistCampden2026
Gerard HargreavesConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside2026
Sonia ZvedeniukConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside2026
Laura BurnsConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside2026
Mohammed BakhtiarLabour PartyColville2026
Dahabo IsseConservative and UnionistColville2026
Toby BentonLabour PartyColville2026
Quentin MarshallConservative and UnionistCourtfield2026
Janet EvansConservative and UnionistCourtfield2026
Gregory HammondConservative and UnionistCourtfield2026
Eva JedutIndependent / OtherDalgarno2026
Kasim AliLabour PartyDalgarno2026
Tim VerbovenLiberal DemocratsEarl's Court2026
Hamish AdourianConservative and UnionistEarl's Court2026
Linda WadeLiberal DemocratsEarl's Court2026
Abdullahi NurLabour PartyGolborne2026
Sina LariLabour PartyGolborne2026
Mona AdamGreen PartyGolborne2026
Johnny ThalassitesConservative and UnionistHolland2026
Lucy KnightConservative and UnionistHolland2026
Aarien AretiConservative and UnionistHolland2026
David LindsayConservative and UnionistNorland2026
St├ęphanie PetitConservative and UnionistNorland2026
Claire SimmonsLabour PartyNotting Dale2026
Mona AhmedIndependent / OtherNotting Dale2026
Marwan ElnaghiLabour PartyNotting Dale2026
Dori SchmetterlingConservative and UnionistPembridge2026
Joanna GardnerConservative and UnionistPembridge2026
Will LaneConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate2026
Sam MackoverConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate2026
Roberto Weeden-SanzConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate2026
Marie-Therese RossiConservative and UnionistRedcliffe2026
Tom BennettConservative and UnionistRedcliffe2026
Sidney YanksonConservative and UnionistRedcliffe2026
Elizabeth CampbellConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital2026
Cem KemahliConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital2026
Emma WillConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital2026
Emma Dent CoadIndependent / OtherSt. Helen's2026
Portia ThaxterLabour PartySt. Helen's2026
Josh RendallConservative and UnionistStanley2026
Will PascallConservative and UnionistStanley2026
Kim Taylor-SmithConservative and UnionistStanley2026

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