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Kensington and Chelsea

Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON
Current ControlCON


Councillors:36 13 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Kensington and Chelsea Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
James HusbandConservative and UnionistAbingdon05-05-2022
Anne CyronConservative and UnionistAbingdon05-05-2022
Sarah AddenbrookeConservative and UnionistAbingdon05-05-2022
Walaa IdrisConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town05-05-2022
Sof McVeighConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town05-05-2022
Mary WealeConservative and UnionistBrompton & Hans Town05-05-2022
Ian WasonConservative and UnionistCampden05-05-2022
Robert FreemanConservative and UnionistCampden05-05-2022
Catherine FaulksConservative and UnionistCampden05-05-2022
Gerard HargreavesConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside05-05-2022
Alison JacksonConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside05-05-2022
Adrian Berrill-CoxConservative and UnionistChelsea Riverside05-05-2022
Nadia NailLabour PartyColville05-05-2022
Monica PressLabour PartyColville05-05-2022
Ian HendersonLabour PartyColville05-05-2022
Quentin MarshallConservative and UnionistCourtfield05-05-2022
Janet EvansConservative and UnionistCourtfield05-05-2022
Gregory HammondConservative and UnionistCourtfield05-05-2022
Kasim AliLabour PartyDalgarno05-05-2022
Pat HealyLabour PartyDalgarno05-05-2022
Linda WadeLiberal DemocratsEarl's Court05-05-2022
Hamish AdourianConservative and UnionistEarl's Court05-05-2022
Malcolm SpaldingConservative and UnionistEarl's Court05-05-2022
Pat MasonLabour PartyGolborne05-05-2022
Sina LariLabour PartyGolborne05-05-2022
Emma Dent CoadLabour PartyGolborne05-05-2022
Charles O'ConnorConservative and UnionistHolland05-05-2022
Aarien AretiConservative and UnionistHolland05-05-2022
Johnny ThalassitesConservative and UnionistHolland05-05-2022
David LindsayConservative and UnionistNorland05-05-2022
Julie MillsConservative and UnionistNorland05-05-2022
J. Robert AtkinsonLabour PartyNotting Dale05-05-2022
Judith BlakemanLabour PartyNotting Dale05-05-2022
Marwan ElnaghiLabour PartyNotting Dale05-05-2022
Dori SchmetterlingConservative and UnionistPembridge05-05-2022
Laura RoundConservative and UnionistPembridge05-05-2022
Matthew PalmerConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate05-05-2022
Maxwell WoodgerConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate05-05-2022
Max ChauhanConservative and UnionistQueen's Gate05-05-2022
Marie-Therese RossiConservative and UnionistRedcliffe05-05-2022
Tom BennettConservative and UnionistRedcliffe05-05-2022
Charles WilliamsConservative and UnionistRedcliffe05-05-2022
Elizabeth CampbellConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital05-05-2022
Emma WillConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital05-05-2022
Cem KemahliConservative and UnionistRoyal Hospital05-05-2022
Mohammed BakhtiarLabour PartySt Helens05-05-2022
Portia ThaxterLabour PartySt Helens05-05-2022
Josh RendallConservative and UnionistStanley05-05-2022
Kim Taylor-SmithConservative and UnionistStanley05-05-2022
Will PascallConservative and UnionistStanley05-05-2022