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Cheshire East

Council TypeUnitary
Election ModelALL ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:51 16 2 0 0 0 0 13 0

Cheshire East Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Craig BrowneAlderley Edge FirstAlderley Edge02-05-2019
Martin DeakinConservative and Unionist PartyAlsager02-05-2019
Derek HoughLiberal DemocratsAlsager02-05-2019
Rod FletcherLiberal DemocratsAlsager02-05-2019
Rachel BaileyConservative and Unionist PartyAudlem02-05-2019
Amanda StottBollingtonFirstBollington02-05-2019
James NicholasResidents of WilmslowBollington02-05-2019
John WrayConservative and Unionist PartyBrereton Rural02-05-2019
Liz DurhamConservative and Unionist PartyBroken Cross and Upton02-05-2019
Martin HardyConservative and Unionist PartyBroken Cross and Upton02-05-2019
Chris GreenConservative and Unionist PartyBunbury02-05-2019
George WaltonConservative and Unionist PartyChelford02-05-2019
David BrownConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton East02-05-2019
Glen WilliamsConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton East02-05-2019
Geoff BaggottConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton East02-05-2019
George HayesConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton West02-05-2019
Paul BatesConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton West02-05-2019
Gordon BaxendaleConservative and Unionist PartyCongleton West02-05-2019
Irene FaseyiLabour PartyCrewe Central02-05-2019
Joy BrathertonLabour PartyCrewe East02-05-2019
Clair ChapmanLabour PartyCrewe East02-05-2019
Suzanne BrookfieldLabour PartyCrewe East02-05-2019
Mo GrantLabour PartyCrewe North02-05-2019
Steven HogbenLabour PartyCrewe South02-05-2019
Dorothy FludeLabour PartyCrewe South02-05-2019
Damian BaileyLabour PartyCrewe St Barnabas02-05-2019
Brian RobertsLabour PartyCrewe West02-05-2019
Jill RhodesLabour PartyCrewe West02-05-2019
Andrew KolkerConservative and Unionist PartyDane Valley02-05-2019
Les GilbertConservative and Unionist PartyDane Valley02-05-2019
Harold DavenportConservative and Unionist PartyDisley02-05-2019
Lesley SmethamConservative and Unionist PartyGawsworth02-05-2019
Dennis MahonHandforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)Handforth02-05-2019
Barry BurkhillHandforth 'Ratepayers' Association (Independent)Handforth02-05-2019
David MarrenConservative and Unionist PartyHaslington02-05-2019
John HammondConservative and Unionist PartyHaslington02-05-2019
Olivia HunterConservative and Unionist PartyHigh Legh02-05-2019
Hayley Wells-BradshawConservative and Unionist PartyKnutsford02-05-2019
Tony DeanConservative and Unionist PartyKnutsford02-05-2019
Stewart GardinerConservative and Unionist PartyKnutsford02-05-2019
Derek BebbingtonConservative and Unionist PartyLeighton02-05-2019
Janet JacksonLabour PartyMacclesfield Central02-05-2019
Beverley DooleyConservative and Unionist PartyMacclesfield Central02-05-2019
Mick WarrenIndependentMacclesfield East02-05-2019
Stephen CarterLabour PartyMacclesfield Hurdsfield02-05-2019
Chris AndrewConservative and Unionist PartyMacclesfield South02-05-2019
Laura JeudaLabour PartyMacclesfield South02-05-2019
Sam GardnerIndependentMacclesfield Tytherington02-05-2019
Ainsley ArnoldConservative and Unionist PartyMacclesfield Tytherington02-05-2019
Nick MannionLabour PartyMacclesfield West and Ivy02-05-2019
Alift HarewoodLabour PartyMacclesfield West and Ivy02-05-2019
Michael ParsonsMiddlewich FirstMiddlewich02-05-2019
Bernice WalmsleyMiddlewich FirstMiddlewich02-05-2019
Simon McGroryMiddlewich FirstMiddlewich02-05-2019
Jamie MacraeConservative and Unionist PartyMobberley02-05-2019
Penny ButterillIndependentNantwich North and West02-05-2019
Arthur MoranIndependentNantwich North and West02-05-2019
Andrew MartinConservative and Unionist PartyNantwich South and Stapeley02-05-2019
Peter GrovesConservative and Unionist PartyNantwich South and Stapeley02-05-2019
Liz WardlawConservative and Unionist PartyOdd Rode02-05-2019
Rhoda BaileyConservative and Unionist PartyOdd Rode02-05-2019
Howard MurrayConservative and Unionist PartyPoynton East and Pott Shrigley02-05-2019
Jos SaundersConservative and Unionist PartyPoynton East and Pott Shrigley02-05-2019
Mike SewartConservative and Unionist PartyPoynton West and Adlington02-05-2019
Michael BeanlandConservative and Unionist PartyPoynton West and Adlington02-05-2019
Paul FindlowConservative and Unionist PartyPrestbury02-05-2019
Gill MerryConservative and Unionist PartySandbach Elworth02-05-2019
Gail WaitConservative and Unionist PartySandbach Ettiley Heath and Wheelock02-05-2019
Sam CorcoranLabour PartySandbach Heath and East02-05-2019
Barry MoranConservative and Unionist PartySandbach Town02-05-2019
Steven EdgarConservative and Unionist PartyShavington02-05-2019
Hilda GaddumConservative and Unionist PartySutton02-05-2019
Sarah PochinConservative and Unionist PartyWillaston and Rope02-05-2019
Toni FoxResidents of WilmslowWilmslow Dean Row02-05-2019
Rod MenloveConservative and Unionist PartyWilmslow East02-05-2019
Don StocktonConservative and Unionist PartyWilmslow Lacey Green02-05-2019
Ellie BrooksConservative and Unionist PartyWilmslow West and Chorley02-05-2019
Gary BartonConservative and Unionist PartyWilmslow West and Chorley02-05-2019
Margaret SimonConservative and Unionist PartyWistaston02-05-2019
Jacqueline WeatherillConservative and Unionist PartyWistaston02-05-2019
Stan DaviesConservative and Unionist PartyWrenbury02-05-2019
Janet ClowesConservative and Unionist PartyWybunbury02-05-2019