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Council TypeUnitary
ONS CodeE06000035
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB


Councillors:38 15 0 0 2 0 0 0 0

Medway Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Julie ShawLabour PartyChatham Central2019
Vince MapleLabour PartyChatham Central2019
Paul GodwinLabour PartyChatham Central2019
Matt FearnConservative and UnionistCuxton and Halling2019
Pat CooperLabour PartyGillingham North2019
Andy StampLabour PartyGillingham North2019
Adam PriceLabour PartyGillingham North2019
Clive JohnsonLabour PartyGillingham South2019
Dan McDonaldLabour PartyGillingham South2019
Naushabah KhanLabour PartyGillingham South2019
Mrs Diane ChambersConservative and UnionistHempstead and Wigmore2019
Rodney Chambers, OBEConservative and UnionistHempstead and Wigmore2019
David WildeyConservative and UnionistLordswood and Capstone2019
Alan JarrettConservative and UnionistLordswood and Capstone2019
Tristan OsborneLabour PartyLuton and Wayfield2019
Michael FranklinConservative and UnionistLuton and Wayfield2019
Sam CravenLabour PartyLuton and Wayfield2019
Phil FilmerConservative and UnionistPeninsula2019
Mick PendergastUK Independence Party (UKIP)Peninsula2019
Roy FreshwaterUK Independence Party (UKIP)Peninsula2019
Gloria OparaConservative and UnionistPrinces Park2019
Tashi BhutiaConservative and UnionistPrinces Park2019
Jan AldousConservative and UnionistRainham Central2019
Barry KempConservative and UnionistRainham Central2019
Rehman ChishtiConservative and UnionistRainham Central2019
Martin PotterConservative and UnionistRainham North2019
David CarrConservative and UnionistRainham North2019
David RoyleConservative and UnionistRainham South2019
Les WicksConservative and UnionistRainham South2019
Howard DoeConservative and UnionistRainham South2019
Habib TejanConservative and UnionistRiver2019
Andrew MacknessConservative and UnionistRiver2019
Teresa MurrayLabour PartyRochester East2019
Nick BowlerLabour PartyRochester East2019
Rupert TurpinConservative and UnionistRochester South and Horsted2019
Trevor ClarkeConservative and UnionistRochester South and Horsted2019
Sylvia GriffinConservative and UnionistRochester South and Horsted2019
Kelly TolhurstConservative and UnionistRochester West2019
Stuart TranterConservative and UnionistRochester West2019
Jane ChittyConservative and UnionistStrood North2019
Steve IlesConservative and UnionistStrood North2019
Phil HallConservative and UnionistStrood North2019
Peter HicksConservative and UnionistStrood Rural2019
Gary EtheridgeConservative and UnionistStrood Rural2019
John WilliamsConservative and UnionistStrood Rural2019
Mark JoyConservative and UnionistStrood South2019
John AveyConservative and UnionistStrood South2019
Mrs Josie IlesConservative and UnionistStrood South2019
Dorte GilryLabour PartyTwydall2019
Anne-Claire HowardConservative and UnionistTwydall2019
Glyn GriffithsLabour PartyTwydall2019
David BrakeConservative and UnionistWalderslade2019
Adrian GulvinConservative and UnionistWalderslade2019
Wendy PurdyConservative and UnionistWatling2019
Asha SaroyConservative and UnionistWatling2019

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