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Windsor and Maidenhead

Council TypeUnitary
ONS CodeE06000040
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD


Councillors:52 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 0

Windsor and Maidenhead Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Dr Lilly EvansConservative and UnionistAscot and Cheapside2019
David HiltonConservative and UnionistAscot and Cheapside2019
Marion MillsConservative and UnionistBelmont2019
Lisa TargowskaConservative and UnionistBelmont2019
Philip LoveConservative and UnionistBelmont2019
MJ SaundersConservative and UnionistBisham and Cookham2019
Richard KellawayConservative and UnionistBisham and Cookham2019
Gerry ClarkConservative and UnionistBisham and Cookham2019
Claire StrettonConservative and UnionistBoyn Hill2019
Stuart CarrollConservative and UnionistBoyn Hill2019
Paul LionConservative and UnionistBoyn Hill2019
David CoppingerConservative and UnionistBray2019
David BurbageConservative and UnionistBray2019
Leo WaltersConservative and UnionistBray2019
Jack RankinConservative and UnionistCastle Without2019
Shamsul ShelimConservative and UnionistCastle Without2019
Wesley RichardsConservative and UnionistCastle Without2019
Eileen QuickConservative and UnionistClewer East2019
John BowdenConservative and UnionistClewer East2019
Nicola PryerConservative and UnionistClewer North2019
Wisdom Da CostaIndependent / OtherClewer North2019
Hashim BhattiConservative and UnionistClewer North2019
Michael AireyConservative and UnionistClewer South2019
Edward WilsonConservative and UnionistClewer South2019
Paul BrimacombeConservative and UnionistCox Green2019
Clive BullockConservative and UnionistCox Green2019
Ross McWilliamsConservative and UnionistCox Green2019
Jesse GreyConservative and UnionistDatchet2019
Gary MuirConservative and UnionistDatchet2019
Malcolm AlexanderConservative and UnionistEton and Castle2019
Samantha RaynerConservative and UnionistEton Wick2019
Mohammed IlyasConservative and UnionistFurze Platt2019
Derek SharpConservative and UnionistFurze Platt2019
Hari SharmaConservative and UnionistFurze Platt2019
Colin RaynerConservative and UnionistHorton and Wraysbury2019
John LentonConservative and UnionistHorton and Wraysbury2019
Maureen HuntConservative and UnionistHurley and Walthams2019
Carwyn CoxConservative and UnionistHurley and Walthams2019
David EvansConservative and UnionistHurley and Walthams2019
Judith DimentConservative and UnionistMaidenhead Riverside2019
Adam SmithConservative and UnionistMaidenhead Riverside2019
Simon DudleyConservative and UnionistMaidenhead Riverside2019
Malcolm BeerOld Windsor Residents AssociationOld Windsor2019
Lynne JonesOld Windsor Residents AssociationOld Windsor2019
Derek WilsonConservative and UnionistOldfield2019
Asghar MajeedConservative and UnionistOldfield2019
Geoffrey HillIndependent / OtherOldfield2019
Phillip BicknellConservative and UnionistPark2019
Natasha AireyConservative and UnionistPark2019
Simon WernerLiberal DemocratsPinkneys Green2019
Charles HollingsworthConservative and UnionistPinkneys Green2019
Marius GilmoreConservative and UnionistPinkneys Green2019
Sayonara LuxtonConservative and UnionistSunningdale2019
Christine BatesonConservative and UnionistSunningdale2019
Lynda YongConservative and UnionistSunninghill and South Ascot2019
Julian SharpeConservative and UnionistSunninghill and South Ascot2019
John StoryConservative and UnionistSunninghill and South Ascot2019

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