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Milton Keynes

Council TypeUnitary
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Council SourceURL
Last Updated01-03-2020
ControlLAB min


Councillors:18 23 15 0 0 0 0 0 1

Milton Keynes Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Martin GowansLabour PartyBletchley East07-05-2020
Mohammed KhanLabour PartyBletchley East05-05-2022
Emily DarlingtonLabour PartyBletchley East04-05-2023
Nabeel NazirConservative and Unionist PartyBletchley Park04-05-2023
Allan RankineConservative and Unionist PartyBletchley Park05-05-2022
Elaine WalesLabour PartyBletchley Park07-05-2020
Lauren TownsendLabour PartyBletchley West04-05-2023
Mick LeggLabour PartyBletchley West05-05-2022
Nigel LongLabour PartyBletchley West07-05-2020
Marie BradburnLiberal DemocratsBradwell07-05-2020
Robin BradburnLiberal DemocratsBradwell04-05-2023
Robert ExonLiberal DemocratsBradwell05-05-2022
John BintConservative and Unionist PartyBroughton07-05-2020
Samuel CrooksLiberal DemocratsBroughton05-05-2022
Kerrie BradburnLiberal DemocratsBroughton04-05-2023
Ric BrackenburyLiberal DemocratsCampbell Park & Old Woughton07-05-2020
Terry BainesConservative and Unionist PartyCampbell Park & Old Woughton05-05-2022
Paul TrendallLiberal DemocratsCampbell Park & Old Woughton04-05-2023
Moriah PriestleyLabour PartyCentral Milton Keynes05-05-2022
Pauline WallisLabour PartyCentral Milton Keynes07-05-2020
Paul WilliamsLabour PartyCentral Milton Keynes04-05-2023
David HopkinsConservative and Unionist PartyDanesborough & Walton05-05-2022
Victoria HopkinsConservative and Unionist PartyDanesborough & Walton07-05-2020
Alice JenkinsConservative and Unionist PartyDanesborough & Walton04-05-2023
Dan GilbertConservative and Unionist PartyLoughton & Shenley05-05-2022
Amanda MarlowConservative and Unionist PartyLoughton & Shenley04-05-2023
Zoe NolanLabour PartyLoughton & Shenley07-05-2020
Leo MontagueLiberal DemocratsMonkston04-05-2023
Jenni FerransLiberal DemocratsMonkston05-05-2022
Vanessa McPakeLiberal DemocratsMonkston07-05-2020
Andrew GearyConservative and Unionist PartyNewport Pagnell North & Hanslope05-05-2022
Bill GreenConservative and Unionist PartyNewport Pagnell North & Hanslope07-05-2020
George BowyerConservative and Unionist PartyNewport Pagnell North & Hanslope04-05-2023
Paul AlexanderLiberal DemocratsNewport Pagnell South05-05-2022
Jane CarrLiberal DemocratsNewport Pagnell South04-05-2023
Douglas McCallLiberal DemocratsNewport Pagnell South07-05-2020
Peter GearyConservative and Unionist PartyOlney05-05-2022
David HoskingConservative and Unionist PartyOlney04-05-2023
Keith McLeanConservative and Unionist PartyOlney07-05-2020
Peter CannonLiberal DemocratsShenley Brook End07-05-2020
Saleena RajaConservative and Unionist PartyShenley Brook End04-05-2023
Andy ReillyLiberal DemocratsShenley Brook End05-05-2022
Hannah MinnsLabour PartyStantonbury05-05-2022
Martin PetcheyLabour PartyStantonbury07-05-2020
Alex WalkerConservative and Unionist PartyStantonbury04-05-2023
Anne Cryer-WhiteheadLabour PartyStony Stratford04-05-2023
Jennifer MarklewLabour PartyStony Stratford05-05-2022
Charlie WilsonLabour PartyStony Stratford07-05-2020
Anthony BrownLabour PartyTattenhoe05-05-2022
James LancasterConservative and Unionist PartyTattenhoe04-05-2023
Peter MarlandLabour PartyWolverton04-05-2023
Robert MiddletonLabour PartyWolverton05-05-2022
Norman MilesLabour PartyWolverton07-05-2020
Shammi AkterLabour PartyWoughton & Fishermead05-05-2022
Hannah O'NeillLabour PartyWoughton & Fishermead07-05-2020
Carole BaumeLabour PartyWoughton & Fishermead04-05-2023