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Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000220
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlCON min


Councillors:24 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 0

Rugby Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Peter ButlinConservative and UnionistAdmirals and Cawston2021
Michael StokesConservative and UnionistAdmirals and Cawston2023
Dale KeelingConservative and UnionistAdmirals and Cawston2022
Dr Jim SheraLabour PartyBenn2022
Maggie O'RourkeLabour PartyBenn2021
Tom MahoneyLabour PartyBenn2023
Lisa ParkerConservative and UnionistBilton2023
Chris CadeConservative and UnionistBilton2022
Julie A'BarrowConservative and UnionistBilton2021
Leigh HuntConservative and UnionistClifton, Newton and Churchover2021
Jill Simpson-VinceConservative and UnionistCoton and Boughton2022
Sebastian LoweConservative and UnionistCoton and Boughton2023
Carolyn RobbinsConservative and UnionistCoton and Boughton2021
Deepah RobertsConservative and UnionistDunsmore2022
Peter EcclesonConservative and UnionistDunsmore2023
Howard RobertsConservative and UnionistDunsmore2021
Sue RoodhouseLiberal DemocratsEastlands2021
Craig McQueenLiberal DemocratsEastlands2022
Neil SandisonLiberal DemocratsEastlands2023
Ian PickerConservative and UnionistHillmorton2022
David CranhamConservative and UnionistHillmorton2021
Kathryn LawrenceConservative and UnionistHillmorton2023
Emma CraneConservative and UnionistLeam Valley2023
Mike BraderLabour PartyNew Bilton2022
Ish MistryLabour PartyNew Bilton2021
Barbara BrownLabour PartyNew Bilton2023
Jim EllisLabour PartyNewbold and Brownsover2023
Kieren BrownLabour PartyNewbold and Brownsover2021
Ramesh SrivastavaLabour PartyNewbold and Brownsover2022
Tim DouglasLiberal DemocratsPaddox2021
Noreen NewLiberal DemocratsPaddox2022
Jerry RoodhouseLiberal DemocratsPaddox2023
Heather TimmsConservative and UnionistRevel and Binley Woods2023
Belinda GarciaConservative and UnionistRevel and Binley Woods2022
Tony GilliasConservative and UnionistRevel and Binley Woods2021
Carie-Anne DumbletonLiberal DemocratsRokeby and Overslade2021
Bill LewisLiberal DemocratsRokeby and Overslade2022
Glenda AllanachLiberal DemocratsRokeby and Overslade2023
Derek PooleConservative and UnionistWolston and The Lawfords2023
Sally BraggConservative and UnionistWolston and The Lawfords2021
Andrew BearneConservative and UnionistWolston and The Lawfords2022
Chris Pacey-DayConservative and UnionistWolvey and Shilton2022

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