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Council TypeDistrict
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelAlternative Arrangements ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON
Current ControlCON


Councillors:36 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0

Runnymede Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
John FureyConservative and UnionistAddlestone Bourneside05-05-2022
Peter WaddellConservative and UnionistAddlestone Bourneside02-05-2019
Cherith SimmonsConservative and UnionistAddlestone Bourneside07-05-2020
David ParrConservative and UnionistAddlestone North05-05-2022
Jim BroadheadConservative and UnionistAddlestone North02-05-2019
Stewart MackayConservative and UnionistAddlestone North07-05-2020
Mark NutiConservative and UnionistChertsey Meads07-05-2020
Derek CottyConservative and UnionistChertsey Meads02-05-2019
Paul TuleyConservative and UnionistChertsey Meads05-05-2022
Scott LewisConservative and UnionistChertsey South and Row Town07-05-2020
Terry DicksConservative and UnionistChertsey South and Row Town02-05-2019
Barry PittConservative and UnionistChertsey South and Row Town05-05-2022
Myles WillingaleConservative and UnionistChertsey St Ann's07-05-2020
Dolsie ClarkeConservative and UnionistChertsey St Ann's02-05-2019
Richard EdisConservative and UnionistChertsey St Ann's05-05-2022
Yvonna LayConservative and UnionistEgham Hythe07-05-2020
Gill WarnerConservative and UnionistEgham Hythe02-05-2019
Jonathan WilsonConservative and UnionistEgham Hythe05-05-2022
John AshmoreIndependent / OtherEgham Town02-05-2019
David KnightIndependent / OtherEgham Town07-05-2020
Alan AldersonIndependent / OtherEgham Town05-05-2022
Japneet K SohiConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green East02-05-2019
Patrick RobertsConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green East05-05-2022
Marisa HeathConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green East07-05-2020
Nick PrescotConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green West02-05-2019
Michael KusneraitisConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green West05-05-2022
Nigel KingConservative and UnionistEnglefield Green West07-05-2020
Howard ButterfieldConservative and UnionistFoxhills05-05-2022
Iftikhar ChaudhriConservative and UnionistFoxhills07-05-2020
Dannielle KhaliqueConservative and UnionistFoxhills02-05-2019
Adrian TollettConservative and UnionistNew Haw07-05-2020
Mark MaddoxConservative and UnionistNew Haw05-05-2022
Jacqui GraceyConservative and UnionistNew Haw02-05-2019
Linda GillhamIndependent / OtherThorpe02-05-2019
Margaret HarndenIndependent / OtherThorpe05-05-2022
Elaine GillIndependent / OtherThorpe07-05-2020
Nick Wase-RogersConservative and UnionistVirginia Water02-05-2019
Carol ManducaConservative and UnionistVirginia Water07-05-2020
Parshotam SohiConservative and UnionistVirginia Water05-05-2022
Gail KingerleyConservative and UnionistWoodham02-05-2019
Tom GraceyConservative and UnionistWoodham05-05-2022
David Anderson-BasseyConservative and UnionistWoodham07-05-2020