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Council TypeLondon
ONS CodeE09000004
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON



Bexley Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Howard MarrinerConservative and UnionistBarnehurst2018
David HurtConservative and UnionistBarnehurst2018
Eileen PallenConservative and UnionistBarnehurst2018
Gill MacDonaldLabour PartyBelvedere2018
Seán NewmanLabour PartyBelvedere2018
Daniel FrancisLabour PartyBelvedere2018
Peter CraskeConservative and UnionistBlackfen and Lamorbey2018
Brian BeckwithConservative and UnionistBlackfen and Lamorbey2018
Lynn SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackfen and Lamorbey2018
Nick O'HareConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill2018
Graham D'AmiralConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill2018
Steven HallConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill2018
Sybil CamseyConservative and UnionistBrampton2018
Teresa O'Neill OBEConservative and UnionistBrampton2018
John WilkinsonConservative and UnionistBrampton2018
John FullerConservative and UnionistChristchurch2018
Roy AshmoleConservative and UnionistChristchurch2018
Brad SmithConservative and UnionistChristchurch2018
Brian BishopConservative and UnionistColyers2018
Colin McGannonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Colyers2018
Maxine FothergillConservative and UnionistColyers2018
Ross DowningConservative and UnionistCray Meadows2018
Don MasseyConservative and UnionistCray Meadows2018
Cheryl BaconConservative and UnionistCray Meadows2018
John DaveyConservative and UnionistCrayford2018
Christine BishopConservative and UnionistCrayford2018
Geraldene Lucia-HennisConservative and UnionistCrayford2018
John WatersConservative and UnionistDanson Park2018
Linda BaileyConservative and UnionistDanson Park2018
Sharon MasseyConservative and UnionistDanson Park2018
James HuntConservative and UnionistEast Wickham2018
Cafer MunurConservative and UnionistEast Wickham2018
Christine CatterallConservative and UnionistEast Wickham2018
Joe FerreiraLabour PartyErith2018
Abena Oppong-AsareLabour PartyErith2018
Edward BoatengLabour PartyErith2018
Louie FrenchConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling2018
Val ClarkConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling2018
Nigel BettsConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling2018
Esther AmaningLabour PartyLesnes Abbey2018
Danny HackettLabour PartyLesnes Abbey2018
John HusbandLabour PartyLesnes Abbey2018
Gareth BaconConservative and UnionistLonglands2018
Andy DourmoushConservative and UnionistLonglands2018
David LeafConservative and UnionistLonglands2018
Brenda LangsteadLabour PartyNorth End2018
Stef BorellaLabour PartyNorth End2018
Alan DeadmanLabour PartyNorth End2018
Philip ReadConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath2018
Peter ReaderConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath2018
Melvin SeymourConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath2018
Aileen BeckwithConservative and UnionistSidcup2018
Mrs June SlaughterConservative and UnionistSidcup2018
Rob LeitchConservative and UnionistSidcup2018
Alex SawyerConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's2018
Alan DowningConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's2018
Colin TandyConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's2018
Chris BeazleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)St. Michael's2018
Ray SamsConservative and UnionistSt. Michael's2018
Caroline NewtonConservative and UnionistSt. Michael's2018
Endy EzenwataLabour PartyThamesmead East2018
Mabel OgundayoLabour PartyThamesmead East2018
Derry BeghoLabour PartyThamesmead East2018

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