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Council TypeLondon
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON
Current ControlCON


Councillors:45 15 0 0 3 0 0 0 0

Bexley Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Howard MarrinerConservative and UnionistBarnehurst03-05-2018
David HurtConservative and UnionistBarnehurst03-05-2018
Eileen PallenConservative and UnionistBarnehurst03-05-2018
Gill MacDonaldLabour PartyBelvedere03-05-2018
Seán NewmanLabour PartyBelvedere03-05-2018
Daniel FrancisLabour PartyBelvedere03-05-2018
Peter CraskeConservative and UnionistBlackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Brian BeckwithConservative and UnionistBlackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Lynn SmithUK Independence Party (UKIP)Blackfen and Lamorbey03-05-2018
Nick O'HareConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Graham D'AmiralConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Steven HallConservative and UnionistBlendon and Penhill03-05-2018
Sybil CamseyConservative and UnionistBrampton03-05-2018
Teresa O'Neill OBEConservative and UnionistBrampton03-05-2018
John WilkinsonConservative and UnionistBrampton03-05-2018
John FullerConservative and UnionistChristchurch03-05-2018
Roy AshmoleConservative and UnionistChristchurch03-05-2018
Brad SmithConservative and UnionistChristchurch03-05-2018
Brian BishopConservative and UnionistColyers03-05-2018
Colin McGannonUK Independence Party (UKIP)Colyers03-05-2018
Maxine FothergillConservative and UnionistColyers03-05-2018
Ross DowningConservative and UnionistCray Meadows03-05-2018
Don MasseyConservative and UnionistCray Meadows03-05-2018
Cheryl BaconConservative and UnionistCray Meadows03-05-2018
John DaveyConservative and UnionistCrayford03-05-2018
Christine BishopConservative and UnionistCrayford03-05-2018
Geraldene Lucia-HennisConservative and UnionistCrayford03-05-2018
John WatersConservative and UnionistDanson Park03-05-2018
Linda BaileyConservative and UnionistDanson Park03-05-2018
Sharon MasseyConservative and UnionistDanson Park03-05-2018
James HuntConservative and UnionistEast Wickham03-05-2018
Cafer MunurConservative and UnionistEast Wickham03-05-2018
Christine CatterallConservative and UnionistEast Wickham03-05-2018
Joe FerreiraLabour PartyErith03-05-2018
Abena Oppong-AsareLabour PartyErith03-05-2018
Edward BoatengLabour PartyErith03-05-2018
Louie FrenchConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Val ClarkConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Nigel BettsConservative and UnionistFalconwood and Welling03-05-2018
Esther AmaningLabour PartyLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
Danny HackettLabour PartyLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
John HusbandLabour PartyLesnes Abbey03-05-2018
Gareth BaconConservative and UnionistLonglands03-05-2018
Andy DourmoushConservative and UnionistLonglands03-05-2018
David LeafConservative and UnionistLonglands03-05-2018
Brenda LangsteadLabour PartyNorth End03-05-2018
Stef BorellaLabour PartyNorth End03-05-2018
Alan DeadmanLabour PartyNorth End03-05-2018
Philip ReadConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Peter ReaderConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Melvin SeymourConservative and UnionistNorthumberland Heath03-05-2018
Aileen BeckwithConservative and UnionistSidcup03-05-2018
Mrs June SlaughterConservative and UnionistSidcup03-05-2018
Rob LeitchConservative and UnionistSidcup03-05-2018
Alex SawyerConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Alan DowningConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Colin TandyConservative and UnionistSt. Mary's03-05-2018
Chris BeazleyUK Independence Party (UKIP)St. Michael's03-05-2018
Ray SamsConservative and UnionistSt. Michael's03-05-2018
Caroline NewtonConservative and UnionistSt. Michael's03-05-2018
Endy EzenwataLabour PartyThamesmead East03-05-2018
Mabel OgundayoLabour PartyThamesmead East03-05-2018
Derry BeghoLabour PartyThamesmead East03-05-2018