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Council TypeMetropolitan
ONS CodeE08000030
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityCON


Councillors:38 20 0 0 0 0 0 2 0

Walsall Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Bobby BainsConservative and UnionistAldridge Central and South2026
Pard KaurConservative and UnionistAldridge Central and South2023
Timothy WilsonConservative and UnionistAldridge Central and South2024
Keith SearsConservative and UnionistAldridge North and Walsall Wood2024
Anthony HarrisConservative and UnionistAldridge North and Walsall Wood2026
Gary ClarkeConservative and UnionistAldridge North and Walsall Wood2023
Angela UnderhillLabour PartyBentley and Darlaston North2024
Rose BurleyLabour PartyBentley and Darlaston North2026
Saiqa NasreenLabour PartyBentley and Darlaston North2023
Gaz AliConservative and UnionistBirchills Leamore2023
Amo HussainConservative and UnionistBirchills Leamore2024
Tina JukesLabour PartyBirchills Leamore2026
Ann YoungLabour PartyBlakenall2023
Pete SmithIndependent / OtherBlakenall2024
Izzy HussainConservative and UnionistBlakenall2026
Mark StathamConservative and UnionistBloxwich East2026
Gary FlintConservative and UnionistBloxwich East2024
Corin StathamConservative and UnionistBloxwich East2023
Louise HarrisonConservative and UnionistBloxwich West2026
Bradley AllenConservative and UnionistBloxwich West2024
Matthew Follows BA MAConservative and UnionistBloxwich West2023
Kerry MurphyConservative and UnionistBrownhills2024
Kenneth FergusonConservative and UnionistBrownhills2023
John MurrayConservative and UnionistBrownhills2026
Chris BottLabour PartyDarlaston South2024
Douglas JamesIndependent / OtherDarlaston South2023
Paul BottLabour PartyDarlaston South2026
Waheed RasabConservative and UnionistPaddock2023
Gurmeet Singh SohalConservative and UnionistPaddock2026
Nick GandhamConservative and UnionistPaddock2024
Shakila Begum HussainLabour PartyPalfrey2026
Hajran BashirLabour PartyPalfrey2023
Sabina DittaLabour PartyPalfrey2024
Rose MartinConservative and UnionistPelsall2023
Edward LeeConservative and UnionistPelsall2026
Garry PerryConservative and UnionistPelsall2024
Christopher ToweConservative and UnionistPheasey Park Farm2026
Adrian AndrewConservative and UnionistPheasey Park Farm2024
Mike Bird FICMConservative and UnionistPheasey Park Farm2023
Khizar HussainLabour PartyPleck2023
Ram MehmiLabour PartyPleck2026
Naheed GultasibLabour PartyPleck2024
Richard WorrallLabour PartyRushall-Shelfield2024
Vera WatersConservative and UnionistRushall-Shelfield2026
Lorna RattiganConservative and UnionistRushall-Shelfield2023
Josh WhitehouseConservative and UnionistShort Heath2024
Amandeep GarchaConservative and UnionistShort Heath2026
Sarah Jane CooperConservative and UnionistShort Heath2023
Aftab NawazLabour PartySt. Matthews2026
Farhana MazharLabour PartySt. Matthews2023
Abdus NazirLabour PartySt. Matthews2024
Sat JohalConservative and UnionistStreetly2023
Keir PedleyConservative and UnionistStreetly2024
Suky Samra LLBConservative and UnionistStreetly2026
Adam HickenConservative and UnionistWillenhall North2023
Stacie ElsonConservative and UnionistWillenhall North2024
Rob LardenConservative and UnionistWillenhall North2026
Simran CheemaLabour PartyWillenhall South2026
Carl Usher CreaneyLabour PartyWillenhall South2023
Connor HortonLabour PartyWillenhall South2024

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