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Council TypeMetropolitan
ONS CodeE08000031
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB



Wolverhampton Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Leigh NewLabour PartyBilston North2028
Linda LeachLabour PartyBilston North2027
Susan RobertsLabour PartyBilston North2026
Rashpal KaurLabour PartyBilston South2028
Stephen SimkinsLabour PartyBilston South2027
Gillian WildmanLabour PartyBilston South2026
Sally GreenLabour PartyBlakenhall2028
Bhupinder GakhalLabour PartyBlakenhall2027
Tersaim SinghLabour PartyBlakenhall2026
Andrew McNeilConservative and UnionistBushbury North2026
Simon BennettConservative and UnionistBushbury North2028
Paul ApplebyConservative and UnionistBushbury North2027
Paul BrookfieldLabour PartyBushbury South & Low Hill2026
Paul SweetLabour PartyBushbury South & Low Hill2028
Paula BrookfieldLabour PartyBushbury South & Low Hill2027
Lovinyer DaleyLabour PartyEast Park2027
Louise MilesLabour PartyEast Park2026
Steve RussellLabour PartyEast Park2028
Zee RussellLabour PartyEttingshall North2028
Jennifer CockayneLabour PartyEttingshall North2027
Jeszemma HowlLabour PartyEttingshall North2026
Harbinder SinghLabour PartyEttingshall South & Spring Vale2028
Lamina LloydLabour PartyEttingshall South & Spring Vale2027
Jasbinder DeharLabour PartyEttingshall South & Spring Vale2026
Chris BurdenLabour PartyFallings Park2026
Valerie EvansLabour PartyFallings Park2028
Steve EvansLabour PartyFallings Park2027
John ReynoldsLabour PartyGraiseley2026
Jacqueline SweetmanLabour PartyGraiseley2028
Asha MattuLabour PartyGraiseley2027
Milkinderpal JaspalLabour PartyHeath Town2026
Jaspreet JaspalLabour PartyHeath Town2028
Jasbir JaspalLabour PartyHeath Town2027
Wendy DaltonConservative and UnionistMerry Hill2027
Carol HyattLabour PartyMerry Hill2026
Ben EvansLabour PartyMerry Hill2028
Barbara McGarrityLabour PartyOxley2028
Alan ButtLabour PartyOxley2027
Jane FrancisLabour PartyOxley2026
Muhammad NasimLabour PartyPark2028
Claire DarkeIndependent / OtherPark2027
Craig CollingswoodLabour PartyPark2026
Stephanie HaynesConservative and UnionistPenn2026
Paul SinghConservative and UnionistPenn2028
Celia HibbertIndependent / OtherPenn2027
Qaiser AzeemLabour PartySt Peters2026
Iqra TahirLabour PartySt Peters2028
Obaida AhmedLabour PartySt Peters2027
Sohail KhanConservative and UnionistTettenhall Regis2026
Udey SinghConservative and UnionistTettenhall Regis2028
Robert MaddoxConservative and UnionistTettenhall Regis2027
Wendy ThompsonIndependent / OtherTettenhall Wightwick2027
Jonathan CroftsConservative and UnionistTettenhall Wightwick2026
Sally GarnerConservative and UnionistTettenhall Wightwick2028
Mary BatemanLabour PartyWednesfield North2028
Philip BatemanLabour PartyWednesfield North2027
Rita PotterLabour PartyWednesfield North2026
Jacqui CooganLabour PartyWednesfield South2028
Greg BrackenridgeLabour PartyWednesfield South2027
Ciaran BrackenridgeLabour PartyWednesfield South2026

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