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List all 2022 councillors for:

All 76 Councillors for Ulster Unionist Party (2022)

NameCouncilWardEnd of Term
Paul MichaelAntrim and NewtownabbeyAirport18-05-2023
Jim MontgomeryAntrim and NewtownabbeyAntrim18-05-2023
Leah SmythAntrim and NewtownabbeyAntrim18-05-2023
Danny KinahanAntrim and NewtownabbeyBallyclare18-05-2023
Vera McWilliamAntrim and NewtownabbeyBallyclare18-05-2023
Roderick SwannAntrim and NewtownabbeyDunsilly18-05-2023
Mark CosgroveAntrim and NewtownabbeyGlengormley Urban18-05-2023
Robert FosterAntrim and NewtownabbeyMacedon18-05-2023
Fraser AgnewAntrim and NewtownabbeyThree Mile Water18-05-2023
Angus CarsonArds and North DownArds Peninsula18-05-2023
Craig BlaneyArds and North DownBangor Central18-05-2023
David ChambersArds and North DownBangor East and Donaghadee18-05-2023
Mark Brooks, MayorArds and North DownBangor East and Donaghadee18-05-2023
Marion SmithArds and North DownBangor West18-05-2023
Philip SmithArds and North DownComber18-05-2023
Carl McCleanArds and North DownHolywood and Clandeboye18-05-2023
Richard SmartArds and North DownNewtownards18-05-2023
Sam NicholsonArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonArmagh18-05-2023
Glenn BarrArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge18-05-2023
Ian BurnsArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge18-05-2023
Jill MacauleyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonBanbridge18-05-2023
Kenneth TwybleArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCraigavon18-05-2023
Gordon KennedyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCusher18-05-2023
Jim SpeersArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonCusher18-05-2023
Kyle SavageArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLagan River18-05-2023
Louise McKinstryArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonLurgan18-05-2023
Julie FlahertyArmagh City, Banbridge and CraigavonPortadown18-05-2023
Jim RodgersBelfastOrmiston18-05-2023
Carole HowardBelfastTitanic18-05-2023
John KyleBelfastTitanic18-05-2023
Sonia CopelandBelfastTitanic18-05-2023
Darryl WilsonCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney18-05-2023
Tom McKeownCauseway Coast and GlensBallymoney18-05-2023
Richard HolmesCauseway Coast and GlensBann18-05-2023
Norman HillisCauseway Coast and GlensCauseway18-05-2023
Sandra HunterCauseway Coast and GlensCauseway18-05-2023
Joan BairdCauseway Coast and GlensThe Glens18-05-2023
Ryan McCreadyDerry City and StrabaneFaughan18-05-2023
Darren GuyDerry City and StrabaneWaterside18-05-2023
Howard ThorntonFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen18-05-2023
Robert IrvineFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen18-05-2023
Tommy MaguireFermanagh and OmaghEnniskillen18-05-2023
Victor WarringtonFermanagh and OmaghErne East18-05-2023
Diana ArmstrongFermanagh and OmaghErne North18-05-2023
John McClaughryFermanagh and OmaghErne North18-05-2023
Alex BairdFermanagh and OmaghErne West18-05-2023
Bert WilsonFermanagh and OmaghMid Tyrone18-05-2023
Matthew BellFermanagh and OmaghOmagh18-05-2023
Allan RaineyFermanagh and OmaghWest Tyrone18-05-2023
Hazel LeggeLisburn and CastlereaghCastlereagh East18-05-2023
Michael HendersonLisburn and CastlereaghCastlereagh South18-05-2023
Alex SwanLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire East18-05-2023
James BairdLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire East18-05-2023
Jim DillonLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire West18-05-2023
John PalmerLisburn and CastlereaghDownshire West18-05-2023
Ross McLernonLisburn and CastlereaghKillultagh18-05-2023
Nicholas TrimbleLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn North18-05-2023
Stuart HughesLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn North18-05-2023
Jenny PalmerLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn South18-05-2023
Tim MitchellLisburn and CastlereaghLisburn South18-05-2023
William McNeillyMid and East AntrimBannside18-05-2023
Robin Cherry MBEMid and East AntrimBraid18-05-2023
Robin StewartMid and East AntrimCarrick Castle18-05-2023
Maureen MorrowMid and East AntrimCoast Road18-05-2023
Andrew WilsonMid and East AntrimKnockagh18-05-2023
Keith TurnerMid and East AntrimLarne Lough18-05-2023
Meta GrahamMid UlsterClogher Valley18-05-2023
Mark GlasgowMid UlsterCookstown18-05-2023
Trevor WilsonMid UlsterCookstown18-05-2023
Walter CuddyMid UlsterDungannon18-05-2023
Derek McKinneyMid UlsterMoyola18-05-2023
Robert Thomas ColvinMid UlsterTorrent18-05-2023
Robert BurgessNewry, Mourne and DownRowallane18-05-2023
Alan LewisNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Croob18-05-2023
David TaylorNewry, Mourne and DownSlieve Gullion18-05-2023
Harold McKeeNewry, Mourne and DownThe Mournes18-05-2023

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