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North Hertfordshire

Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000099
Election ModelALL ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB min



North Hertfordshire Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Tom TysonLiberal DemocratsArbury2024
Juan CowellConservative and UnionistBaldock East2024
Alistair WilloughbyLabour PartyBaldock Town2024
Michael MuirConservative and UnionistBaldock Town2024
Michael WeeksConservative and UnionistBaldock Town2024
Louise PeaceLiberal DemocratsCadwell2024
Terry TylerLiberal DemocratsChesfield2024
Dominic GriffithsLiberal DemocratsChesfield2024
Ian MoodyConservative and UnionistCodicote2024
Gerald MorrisConservative and UnionistErmine2024
Val BryantLabour PartyHitchin Bearton2024
Dave WinstanleyLabour PartyHitchin Bearton2024
Ian AlbertLabour PartyHitchin Bearton2024
Keith HoskinsLiberal DemocratsHitchin Highbury2024
Sam CollinsLiberal DemocratsHitchin Highbury2024
Raj BhakarLiberal DemocratsHitchin Highbury2024
Nigel MasonLabour PartyHitchin Oughton2024
Clare BillingLabour PartyHitchin Oughton2024
Chris LucasLiberal DemocratsHitchin Priory2024
Richard ThakeConservative and UnionistHitchin Priory2024
Elizabeth DennisLabour PartyHitchin Walsworth2024
James DenselowLabour PartyHitchin Walsworth2024
Daniel Wright-MasonLabour PartyHitchin Walsworth2024
Claire StrongConservative and UnionistHitchwood, Offa and Hoo2024
David BarnardConservative and UnionistHitchwood, Offa and Hoo2024
Faye FrostConservative and UnionistHitchwood, Offa and Hoo2024
Ralph MuncerConservative and UnionistKimpton2024
Mandi TandiConservative and UnionistKnebworth2024
Lisa NashLiberal DemocratsKnebworth2024
Ian MantleLabour PartyLetchworth East2024
Tamsin ThomasLabour PartyLetchworth East2024
Simon BloxhamConservative and UnionistLetchworth Grange2024
Daniel AllenLabour PartyLetchworth Grange2024
Daniel MarshLabour PartyLetchworth Grange2024
David LevettConservative and UnionistLetchworth South East2024
Sean NolanLabour PartyLetchworth South East2024
Mick DebenhamLabour PartyLetchworth South East2024
Phil WeederLiberal DemocratsLetchworth South West2024
Terry HoneConservative and UnionistLetchworth South West2024
Sean PrendergastLiberal DemocratsLetchworth South West2024
Tom PlaterLabour PartyLetchworth Wilbury2024
Amy AllenLabour PartyLetchworth Wilbury2024
Ruth BrownLiberal DemocratsRoyston Heath2024
Bryony MayLiberal DemocratsRoyston Heath2024
Adam ComptonConservative and UnionistRoyston Meridian2024
Matt BarnesLiberal DemocratsRoyston Meridian2024
Chris HinchliffLabour PartyRoyston Palace2024
Cathy BrownjohnLabour PartyRoyston Palace2024
Steve JarvisLiberal DemocratsWeston and Sandon2024

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