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Council TypeMetropolitan
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Last Updated24-05-2020
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLAB min


Councillors:8 26 26 0 0 0 0 3 0

Stockport Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Linda HoltConservative and UnionistBramhall North07-05-2020
Alanna VineConservative and UnionistBramhall North04-05-2023
Lisa WalkerConservative and UnionistBramhall North05-05-2022
Brian BagnallConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford07-05-2020
Mike HurlestonConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford04-05-2023
John McGahanConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford05-05-2022
Christine CorrisLiberal DemocratsBredbury and Woodley07-05-2020
Stuart CorrisLiberal DemocratsBredbury and Woodley04-05-2023
Chris GordonLiberal DemocratsBredbury and Woodley05-05-2022
Angie ClarkLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley05-05-2022
Mark RobertsLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley04-05-2023
Lisa SmartLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley07-05-2020
Kerry WatersLabour PartyBrinnington and Central04-05-2023
Becky CrawfordLabour PartyBrinnington and Central05-05-2022
Andy SortonLabour PartyBrinnington and Central07-05-2020
Graham GreenhalghLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley04-05-2023
Keith HollowayLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley07-05-2020
Iain RobertsLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley05-05-2022
John PantallLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme North07-05-2020
Tom MorrisonLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme North04-05-2023
David MellerLabour PartyCheadle Hulme North05-05-2022
Helen Foster - GrimeLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South05-05-2022
Mark HunterLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South07-05-2020
Suzanne WyattLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South04-05-2023
Dickie DaviesLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green04-05-2023
Wendy WildLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green07-05-2020
Elise WilsonLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green05-05-2022
Sheila BaileyLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath07-05-2020
Matt WynneLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath04-05-2023
Philip HardingLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath05-05-2022
Paul AnkersLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove05-05-2022
Lou AnkersLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove04-05-2023
Charles GibsonLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove07-05-2020
Anna Charles-JonesIndependent / OtherHeald Green07-05-2020
Carole McCannIndependent / OtherHeald Green04-05-2023
Adrian NottinghamIndependent / OtherHeald Green05-05-2022
Dena RynessLabour PartyHeatons North04-05-2023
David SedgwickLabour PartyHeatons North07-05-2020
John TaylorLabour PartyHeatons North05-05-2022
Dean FitzpatrickLabour PartyHeatons South04-05-2023
Colin FosterLabour PartyHeatons South07-05-2020
Tom McGeeLabour PartyHeatons South05-05-2022
Amanda PeersLabour PartyManor05-05-2022
Laura ClinganLabour PartyManor04-05-2023
Charlie StewartLabour PartyManor07-05-2020
Steve GribbonLiberal DemocratsMarple North05-05-2022
Malcolm AllanLiberal DemocratsMarple North07-05-2020
Becky SeniorLiberal DemocratsMarple North04-05-2023
Aron ThornleyLiberal DemocratsMarple South & High Lane04-05-2023
Tom DowseConservative and UnionistMarple South & High Lane07-05-2020
Colin MacAlisterLiberal DemocratsMarple South & High Lane05-05-2022
Laura BoothLabour PartyOfferton07-05-2020
Will DawsonLiberal DemocratsOfferton05-05-2022
Wendy MeikleLiberal DemocratsOfferton04-05-2023
Kate ButlerLabour PartyReddish North07-05-2020
Roy Edward DriverLabour PartyReddish North04-05-2023
David WilsonLabour PartyReddish North05-05-2022
Janet MobbsLabour PartyReddish South04-05-2023
Jude WellsLabour PartyReddish South05-05-2022
Yvonne GuarientoLabour PartyReddish South07-05-2020
Grace BaynhamLiberal DemocratsStepping Hill04-05-2023
Mark WeldonLiberal DemocratsStepping Hill07-05-2020
John WrightConservative and UnionistStepping Hill05-05-2022