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Council TypeMetropolitan
ONS CodeE08000007
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityNOC
Current ControlLD min


Councillors:9 25 25 1 0 0 0 3 0

Stockport Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Lisa WalkerConservative and UnionistBramhall North2022
Linda HoltConservative and UnionistBramhall North2024
Alanna VineConservative and UnionistBramhall North2023
Brian BagnallConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford2024
John McGahanConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford2022
Mike HurlestonConservative and UnionistBramhall South and Woodford2023
Chris GordonLiberal DemocratsBredbury and Woodley2022
Wendy KerbyConservative and UnionistBredbury and Woodley2024
Stuart CorrisLiberal DemocratsBredbury and Woodley2023
Lisa SmartLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley2024
Mark RobertsLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley2023
Angie ClarkLiberal DemocratsBredbury Green and Romiley2022
Andy SortonLabour PartyBrinnington and Central2024
Becky CrawfordLabour PartyBrinnington and Central2022
Kerry WatersLabour PartyBrinnington and Central2023
Keith HollowayLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley2024
Iain RobertsLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley2022
Graham GreenhalghLiberal DemocratsCheadle and Gatley2023
Jilly JulianLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme North2024
David MellerLabour PartyCheadle Hulme North2022
Tom MorrisonLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme North2023
Helen Foster-GrimeLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South2022
Mark HunterLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South2024
Suzanne WyattLiberal DemocratsCheadle Hulme South2023
Dickie DaviesLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green2023
Elise WilsonLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green2022
Wendy WildLabour PartyDavenport and Cale Green2024
Matt WynneLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath2023
Philip HardingLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath2022
Sheila BaileyLabour PartyEdgeley and Cheadle Heath2024
Lou AnkersLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove2023
Oliver JohnstoneConservative and UnionistHazel Grove2024
Paul AnkersLiberal DemocratsHazel Grove2022
Adrian NottinghamIndependent / OtherHeald Green2022
Anna Charles-JonesIndependent / OtherHeald Green2024
Carole McCannIndependent / OtherHeald Green2023
Dena RynessLabour PartyHeatons North2023
John TaylorLabour PartyHeatons North2022
David SedgwickLabour PartyHeatons North2024
Colin FosterLabour PartyHeatons South2024
Tom McGeeLabour PartyHeatons South2022
Dean FitzpatrickLabour PartyHeatons South2023
Laura ClinganLabour PartyManor2023
Charlie StewartLabour PartyManor2024
Amanda PeersLabour PartyManor2022
Steve GribbonLiberal DemocratsMarple North2022
Becky SeniorLiberal DemocratsMarple North2023
Malcolm AllanLiberal DemocratsMarple North2024
Colin MacAlisterLiberal DemocratsMarple South & High Lane2022
Shan AlexanderLiberal DemocratsMarple South & High Lane2024
Aron ThornleyLiberal DemocratsMarple South & High Lane2023
Will DawsonLiberal DemocratsOfferton2022
Wendy MeikleLiberal DemocratsOfferton2023
Oliver HarrisonLiberal DemocratsOfferton2024
Roy Edward DriverLabour PartyReddish North2023
David WilsonLabour PartyReddish North2022
Kate ButlerLabour PartyReddish North2024
Jude WellsLabour PartyReddish South2022
Gary LawsonGreen PartyReddish South2024
Janet MobbsLabour PartyReddish South2023
John WrightConservative and UnionistStepping Hill2022
Rory LeonardLabour PartyStepping Hill2024
Grace BaynhamLiberal DemocratsStepping Hill2023

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