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Council TypeMetropolitan
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL


Councillors:6 51 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Tameside Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Mike GloverLabour PartyAshton Hurst02-05-2019
Leigh DrennanLabour PartyAshton Hurst07-05-2020
Dolores LewisLabour PartyAshton Hurst05-05-2022
Yvonne CarteyLabour PartyAshton St Michael's02-05-2019
Margaret SidebottomLabour PartyAshton St Michael's07-05-2020
Bill FairfoullLabour PartyAshton St Michael's05-05-2022
Joyce BowermanLabour PartyAshton St Peters05-05-2022
David McNallyLabour PartyAshton St Peters02-05-2019
Warren BrayLabour PartyAshton St Peters07-05-2020
Catherine PiddingtonLabour PartyAshton Waterloo07-05-2020
Vimal ChoksiLabour PartyAshton Waterloo05-05-2022
Lorraine WhiteheadLabour PartyAshton Waterloo02-05-2019
Maria BaileyLabour PartyAudenshaw02-05-2019
Teresa SmithLabour PartyAudenshaw07-05-2020
Oliver RyanLabour PartyAudenshaw05-05-2022
Allison GwynneLabour PartyDenton North East02-05-2019
Denise WardLabour PartyDenton North East07-05-2020
Vincent RicciLabour PartyDenton North East05-05-2022
Mike FowlerLabour PartyDenton South02-05-2019
George NewtonLabour PartyDenton South07-05-2020
Claire ReidLabour PartyDenton South05-05-2022
Dawson LaneLabour PartyDenton West07-05-2020
Michael SmithLabour PartyDenton West05-05-2022
Brenda WarringtonLabour PartyDenton West02-05-2019
Susan QuinnLabour PartyDroylsden East05-05-2022
Laura BoyleLabour PartyDroylsden East02-05-2019
David MillsLabour PartyDroylsden East07-05-2020
Gerald CooneyLabour PartyDroylsden West07-05-2020
Barrie HollandLabour PartyDroylsden West05-05-2022
Ann HollandLabour PartyDroylsden West02-05-2019
John TaylorLabour PartyDukinfield02-05-2019
Brian WildLabour PartyDukinfield07-05-2020
Jacqueline LaneLabour PartyDukinfield05-05-2022
Eleanor WillsLabour PartyDukinfield Stalybridge05-05-2022
David SweetonLabour PartyDukinfield Stalybridge02-05-2019
Leanne FeeleyLabour PartyDukinfield Stalybridge07-05-2020
Joe KitchenLabour PartyHyde Godley07-05-2020
Jim FitzpatrickLabour PartyHyde Godley05-05-2022
Betty AffleckLabour PartyHyde Godley02-05-2019
Philip FitzpatrickLabour PartyHyde Newton05-05-2022
Helen BowdenLabour PartyHyde Newton02-05-2019
Peter RobinsonLabour PartyHyde Newton07-05-2020
Ruth WelshConservative and Unionist PartyHyde Werneth07-05-2020
Phil ChadwickConservative and Unionist PartyHyde Werneth05-05-2022
John BellConservative and Unionist PartyHyde Werneth02-05-2019
Gillian PeetLabour PartyLongdendale02-05-2019
Chris BuglassLabour PartyLongdendale07-05-2020
Janet CooperLabour PartyLongdendale05-05-2022
Jack HomerLabour PartyMossley07-05-2020
Stephen HomerLabour PartyMossley05-05-2022
Tafheen SharifLabour PartyMossley02-05-2019
Sam GoslingLabour PartyStalybridge North05-05-2022
Adrian PearceLabour PartyStalybridge North02-05-2019
Jan JacksonLabour PartyStalybridge North07-05-2020
Doreen DickinsonConservative and Unionist PartyStalybridge South07-05-2020
Liam BillingtonConservative and Unionist PartyStalybridge South05-05-2022
Clive PatrickConservative and Unionist PartyStalybridge South02-05-2019