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Kingston upon Hull

Council TypeUnitary
ONS CodeE06000010
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD



Kingston upon Hull Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
John RobinsonLiberal DemocratsAvenue2024
Abhimanyu SinghLabour PartyAvenue2023
Marjorie BrabazonLabour PartyAvenue2026
Michael RossLiberal DemocratsBeverley and Newland2024
David McCobbLiberal DemocratsBeverley and Newland2026
Paul Drake-DavisLiberal DemocratsBeverley and Newland2023
Alison CollinsonLiberal DemocratsBoothferry2024
Jack HainesLiberal DemocratsBoothferry2023
Maria CowardLiberal DemocratsBoothferry2026
Sarah Harper-RichesLabour PartyBricknell2026
Peter NorthLabour PartyBricknell2024
Shane McMurrayLabour PartyCentral2023
Aneesa AkbarLabour PartyCentral2026
David WoodsLiberal DemocratsDerringham2024
Ryan LangleyIndependent / OtherDerringham2023
Cheryl PayneLiberal DemocratsDerringham2026
Tracey NealLiberal DemocratsDrypool2024
Diana HatcherLiberal DemocratsDrypool2023
Linda ChambersLiberal DemocratsDrypool2026
Jackie DadLiberal DemocratsHolderness2026
Linda TockLiberal DemocratsHolderness2024
Kalvin NealLiberal DemocratsHolderness2023
Alan GardinerLabour PartyIngs2024
Denise ThompsonLabour PartyIngs2023
Mark BisbeyLiberal DemocratsKingswood2024
Charles QuinnLiberal DemocratsKingswood2023
Julia ConnerLiberal DemocratsLonghill and Bilton Grange2024
Dean KirkLabour PartyLonghill and Bilton Grange2023
Tim KempLiberal DemocratsLonghill and Bilton Grange2026
Sharon BelcherLabour PartyMarfleet2024
Rosemary PantelakisLabour PartyMarfleet2023
Patrick WilkinsonLabour PartyMarfleet2026
Lynn PetriniLabour PartyNewington and Gipsyville2026
Tracy DearingLabour PartyNewington and Gipsyville2024
Gill KennettLabour PartyNewington and Gipsyville2023
Phil WebsterLabour PartyNorth Carr2023
Anita HarrisonLabour PartyNorth Carr2026
Jan LoftLiberal DemocratsNorth Carr2024
Gary WareingIndependent / OtherOrchard Park2023
Deborah MatthewsLabour PartyOrchard Park2026
Rosie NicolaLabour PartyOrchard Park2024
Mark IeronimoLiberal DemocratsPickering2023
Tracey HenryLiberal DemocratsPickering2026
Mike ThompsonLabour PartySouthcoates2023
Anna ThompsonLabour PartySouthcoates2026
Hester BridgesLabour PartySouthcoates2024
Daren HaleLabour PartySt Andrews and Docklands2024
Haroldo Herrera-RichmondLabour PartySt Andrews and Docklands2023
Leanne FudgeLabour PartySt Andrews and Docklands2026
Rhys FurleyLiberal DemocratsSutton2024
Allen HealandLiberal DemocratsSutton2023
Terry KealLiberal DemocratsSutton2026
Steve WilsonLabour PartyUniversity2024
Holly BurtonLiberal DemocratsUniversity2026
Chris RandallLiberal DemocratsWest Carr2024
Christine RandallLiberal DemocratsWest Carr2023
Rob PritchardLiberal DemocratsWest Carr2026

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