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Council TypeMetropolitan
ONS CodeE08000027
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Boundary ReviewOne-off all-up 2024; 72>72
Current MajorityCON


Councillors:46 26 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Dudley Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Kamran RazzaqConservative and UnionistAmblecote2024
Paul BradleyConservative and UnionistAmblecote2026
Pete LeeConservative and UnionistAmblecote2023
Peter DobbConservative and UnionistBelle Vale2026
Simon PhippsConservative and UnionistBelle Vale2023
Daniel BevanConservative and UnionistBelle Vale2024
John MartinLabour PartyBrierley Hill2026
Adam DaviesConservative and UnionistBrierley Hill2024
Ridha AhmedLabour PartyBrierley Hill2023
Rebbekah CollinsConservative and UnionistBrockmoor and Pensnett2024
Sue GreenawayConservative and UnionistBrockmoor and Pensnett2023
Judy FosterLabour PartyBrockmoor and Pensnett2026
Ken FinchLabour PartyCastle and Priory2023
Keiran CaseyLabour PartyCastle and Priory2026
Margaret AstonLabour PartyCastle and Priory2024
Peter DrakeLabour PartyCoseley East2023
Susan RidneyLabour PartyCoseley East2024
Marian HowardLabour PartyCoseley East2026
Natalie NealeConservative and UnionistCradley and Wollescote2024
Richard BodyLabour PartyCradley and Wollescote2023
Timothy CrumptonLabour PartyCradley and Wollescote2026
Bryn ChallenorConservative and UnionistGornal2026
Anne MillwardConservative and UnionistGornal2023
David StanleyConservative and UnionistGornal2024
Stuart HenleyConservative and UnionistHalesowen North2024
Hilary BillsLabour PartyHalesowen North2026
Parmjit SahotaLabour PartyHalesowen North2023
Thomas RussonConservative and UnionistHalesowen South2024
Jonathan ElliottConservative and UnionistHalesowen South2026
Alan TaylorConservative and UnionistHalesowen South2023
Andrea GoddardConservative and UnionistHayley Green and Cradley South2026
Ian BevanConservative and UnionistHayley Green and Cradley South2023
Ruth ButteryConservative and UnionistHayley Green and Cradley South2024
Ed LawrenceConservative and UnionistKingswinford North and Wall Heath2026
Shaz SaleemConservative and UnionistKingswinford North and Wall Heath2023
Phil AtkinsConservative and UnionistKingswinford North and Wall Heath2024
Luke JohnsonConservative and UnionistKingswinford South2024
Patrick HarleyConservative and UnionistKingswinford South2026
Peter MillerConservative and UnionistKingswinford South2023
Mohammed HanifLabour PartyLye and Stourbridge North2023
Peter LoweLabour PartyLye and Stourbridge North2026
Dave BorleyConservative and UnionistLye and Stourbridge North2024
Damian CorfieldConservative and UnionistNetherton, Woodside and St Andrews2024
Elaine TaylorLabour PartyNetherton, Woodside and St Andrews2026
Qadar ZadaLabour PartyNetherton, Woodside and St Andrews2023
Tony CreedConservative and UnionistNorton2026
Karen ShakespeareConservative and UnionistNorton2023
Laura Taylor-ChildsConservative and UnionistNorton2024
Angus LeesConservative and UnionistPedmore and Stourbridge East2026
James ClintonConservative and UnionistPedmore and Stourbridge East2024
Ian KettleConservative and UnionistPedmore and Stourbridge East2023
Chris BarnettLabour PartyQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood2026
Rob ClintonConservative and UnionistQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood2024
Jackie CowellLabour PartyQuarry Bank and Dudley Wood2023
Michael EvansConservative and UnionistSedgley2024
Tina WestwoodConservative and UnionistSedgley2023
Shaun KeaseyConservative and UnionistSedgley2026
Wayne SullivanConservative and UnionistSt. James's2024
Sara BothulConservative and UnionistSt. James's2026
Cathy BaytonLabour PartySt. James's2023
Shaukat AliLabour PartySt. Thomas's2024
Maz QariLabour PartySt. Thomas's2026
Shaneila MughalLabour PartySt. Thomas's2023
Adam AstonLabour PartyUpper Gornal and Woodsetton2023
Mark WestwoodConservative and UnionistUpper Gornal and Woodsetton2024
Adrian HughesLabour PartyUpper Gornal and Woodsetton2026
Steve ClarkConservative and UnionistWollaston and Stourbridge Town2023
Cat EcclesLabour PartyWollaston and Stourbridge Town2026
Alan HopwoodConservative and UnionistWollaston and Stourbridge Town2024
Donna HarleyConservative and UnionistWordsley2026
Matt RogersConservative and UnionistWordsley2023
Kerry LewisConservative and UnionistWordsley2024

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