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Three Rivers

Council TypeDistrict
ONS CodeE07000102
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLD


Councillors:16 3 19 0 0 0 0 1 0

Three Rivers Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Sara BedfordLiberal DemocratsAbbots Langley & Bedmond2022
David MajorLiberal DemocratsAbbots Langley & Bedmond2019
Matthew BedfordLiberal DemocratsAbbots Langley & Bedmond2020
Eric BishopConservative and UnionistCarpenders Park2022
David ColtmanConservative and UnionistCarpenders Park2020
Valerie ColtmanConservative and UnionistCarpenders Park2019
Marilyn ButlerConservative and UnionistChorleywood North & Sarratt2020
Alex HaywardConservative and UnionistChorleywood North & Sarratt2022
Heather KenisonConservative and UnionistChorleywood North & Sarratt2019
Martin TrevettLiberal DemocratsChorleywood South & Maple Cross2022
Angela KillickConservative and UnionistChorleywood South & Maple Cross2019
Phil WilliamsLiberal DemocratsChorleywood South & Maple Cross2020
Peter GetkahnLiberal DemocratsDickinsons2020
Rupert BarnesConservative and UnionistDickinsons2019
Phil BradingLiberal DemocratsDickinsons2022
Chris LloydLiberal DemocratsDurrants2020
Alison WallLiberal DemocratsDurrants2019
Steve DruryLiberal DemocratsDurrants2022
Chris Whately-SmithLiberal DemocratsGade Valley2022
Alex MichaelsLiberal DemocratsGade Valley2019
Joy MannLiberal DemocratsGade Valley2020
Stephen Giles-MedhurstLiberal DemocratsLeavesden2020
Kate TurnerLiberal DemocratsLeavesden2019
Martin BrooksLiberal DemocratsLeavesden2022
Debbie MorrisConservative and UnionistMoor Park & Eastbury2020
Reena RangerConservative and UnionistMoor Park & Eastbury2019
Kemal ButtConservative and UnionistMoor Park & Eastbury2022
Alison ScarthLiberal DemocratsOxhey Hall & Hayling2022
Andrew ScarthLiberal DemocratsOxhey Hall & Hayling2020
Ty HarrisConservative and UnionistOxhey Hall & Hayling2019
Diana BarberConservative and UnionistPenn & Mill End2019
Sarah NelmesLiberal DemocratsPenn & Mill End2022
Roger SeabourneIndependent / OtherPenn & Mill End2020
David SansomConservative and UnionistRickmansworth Town2020
Paula HiscocksConservative and UnionistRickmansworth Town2022
Ralph SangsterConservative and UnionistRickmansworth Town2019
Stephen KingLabour PartySouth Oxhey2022
Stephen CoxLabour PartySouth Oxhey2019
Joan KingLabour PartySouth Oxhey2020

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