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Council TypeUnitary
ONS CodeE06000026
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Administrative ModelLeader and Cabinet ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB



Plymouth Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Jonathan DreanConservative and UnionistBudshead2019
Jon TaylorLabour PartyBudshead2020
David DownieConservative and UnionistBudshead2022
David FletcherConservative and UnionistCompton2019
Ted FryConservative and UnionistCompton2022
Richard BallConservative and UnionistCompton2020
Mark CokerLabour PartyDevonport2019
Kate TaylorLabour PartyDevonport2020
Bill StevensLabour PartyDevonport2022
Chaz SinghLabour PartyDrake2019
Steven RickettsConservative and UnionistDrake2022
Brian VincentLabour PartyEfford and Lipson2020
Neil HendyLabour PartyEfford and Lipson2022
Pauline MurphyLabour PartyEfford and Lipson2019
Ian BowyerConservative and UnionistEggbuckland2022
Heath CookConservative and UnionistEggbuckland2020
Lynda BowyerConservative and UnionistEggbuckland2019
Christopher StorerUK Independence Party (UKIP)Ham2022
Tudor Evans OBELabour PartyHam2019
Tina TuohyLabour PartyHam2020
Peter SmithLabour PartyHonicknowle2020
John RileyUK Independence Party (UKIP)Honicknowle2022
Mark LowryLabour PartyHonicknowle2019
Christopher MavinLabour PartyMoor View2020
Nick KellyConservative and UnionistMoor View2019
Maddi BridgemanUK Independence Party (UKIP)Moor View2022
Dr John MahonyConservative and UnionistPeverell2019
Martin LeavesConservative and UnionistPeverell2022
Tony CarsonConservative and UnionistPeverell2020
Glenn JordanConservative and UnionistPlympton Chaddlewood2022
Samantha LeavesConservative and UnionistPlympton Chaddlewood2020
Ian DarcyConservative and UnionistPlympton Erle2020
Terri BeerConservative and UnionistPlympton Erle2019
Patrick NicholsonConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary2019
Andrea LoveridgeConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary2020
David JamesConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary2022
Kevin WigensConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone2020
Vivien PengellyConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone2022
Nigel ChurchillConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone2019
Ken FosterConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford2019
Michael LeavesConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford2020
Wendy FosterConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford2022
Jonny MorrisLabour PartySouthway2022
Lorraine Parker-Delaz-AjeteLabour PartySouthway2020
Mark DeaconConservative and UnionistSouthway2019
Darren WinterLabour PartySt. Budeaux2020
George WheelerLabour PartySt. Budeaux2019
Sally HaydonLabour PartySt. Budeaux2022
Ian TuffinLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront2020
Chris PenberthyLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront2019
Susan McDonaldLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront2022
Sam DaveyLabour PartyStoke2020
Michael SparlingLabour PartyStoke2022
Philippa DaveyLabour PartyStoke2019
Mary AspinallLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould2022
Eddie RennieLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould2020
Sue DannLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould2019

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