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Council TypeUnitary
Election ModelTHIRD ?
Council SourceURL
Current MajorityLAB
Current ControlLAB


Councillors:25 30 0 0 0 0 0 2 0

Plymouth Councillors

NamePartyWardEnd of Term
Jonathan DreanConservative and UnionistBudshead04-05-2023
Jon TaylorLabour PartyBudshead02-05-2024
David DownieConservative and UnionistBudshead05-05-2022
Nick KellyConservative and UnionistCompton04-05-2023
Andrea JohnsonConservative and UnionistCompton05-05-2022
Richard BallConservative and UnionistCompton02-05-2024
Mark CokerLabour PartyDevonport04-05-2023
Kate TaylorLabour PartyDevonport02-05-2024
Bill StevensLabour PartyDevonport05-05-2022
Margaret CorvidLabour PartyDrake05-05-2022
Chaz SinghIndependent / OtherDrake04-05-2023
Brian VincentLabour PartyEfford and Lipson02-05-2024
Neil HendyLabour PartyEfford and Lipson05-05-2022
Pauline MurphyLabour PartyEfford and Lipson04-05-2023
Ian BowyerConservative and UnionistEggbuckland05-05-2022
Heath CookConservative and UnionistEggbuckland02-05-2024
Lynda BowyerConservative and UnionistEggbuckland04-05-2023
Gareth DerrickLabour PartyHam05-05-2022
Tudor Evans OBELabour PartyHam04-05-2023
Tina TuohyLabour PartyHam02-05-2024
Peter SmithLabour PartyHonicknowle02-05-2024
Pam BuchanLabour PartyHonicknowle05-05-2022
Mark LowryLabour PartyHonicknowle04-05-2023
Christopher MavinLabour PartyMoor View02-05-2024
John RileyConservative and UnionistMoor View04-05-2023
Maddi BridgemanConservative and UnionistMoor View05-05-2022
Sarah AllenLabour PartyPeverell04-05-2023
Jeremy GoslinLabour PartyPeverell05-05-2022
Tony CarsonConservative and UnionistPeverell02-05-2024
Glenn JordanConservative and UnionistPlympton Chaddlewood05-05-2022
Samantha LeavesConservative and UnionistPlympton Chaddlewood02-05-2024
Ian DarcyConservative and UnionistPlympton Erle02-05-2024
Terri BeerConservative and UnionistPlympton Erle04-05-2023
Patrick NicholsonConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary04-05-2023
Andrea LoveridgeConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary02-05-2024
David JamesConservative and UnionistPlympton St. Mary05-05-2022
Kevin WigensConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone02-05-2024
Vivien PengellyConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone05-05-2022
Nigel ChurchillConservative and UnionistPlymstock Dunstone04-05-2023
Kathy WatkinConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford04-05-2023
Michael LeavesConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford02-05-2024
Rebecca SmithConservative and UnionistPlymstock Radford05-05-2022
Jonny MorrisLabour PartySouthway05-05-2022
Lorraine Parker-Delaz-AjeteLabour PartySouthway02-05-2024
Mark DeaconConservative and UnionistSouthway04-05-2023
Darren WinterLabour PartySt. Budeaux02-05-2024
George WheelerLabour PartySt. Budeaux04-05-2023
Sally HaydonLabour PartySt. Budeaux05-05-2022
Ian TuffinLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront02-05-2024
Chris PenberthyLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront04-05-2023
Susan McDonaldLabour PartySt. Peter and The Waterfront05-05-2022
Sam DaveyLabour PartyStoke02-05-2024
Kevin NeilIndependent / OtherStoke05-05-2022
Jemima LaingLabour PartyStoke04-05-2023
Mary AspinallLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould05-05-2022
Eddie RennieLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould02-05-2024
Sue DannLabour PartySutton and Mount Gould04-05-2023